Ghost Of Tsushima: Where to find every egg-sucker punch for Easter

Jul-29-2020 | Categories: news

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether developers have more fun hiding Easter eggs in their game, or whether players have more fun finding them. With Soster Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, the team mainly focused on giving an accurate historical account of Tsushima in 1274. But even the most serious and compelling games could make exceptions in the form of a few subpoenas for their previous titles. While thief raccoons and a powerful street performer seem out of place in the world of Tsushima, Sucker Punch has found some clever ways to reference their previous games.

A little note before we dive in. These Easter eggs are in the second and third parts of the game and are only available in the second and third semesters respectively. While we won't mention anything related to the story, some sites and item names will be spoiled, as well as a hidden cup, if you want to avoid that.

Sly Cooper Easter Eggs

Caption not specified. Starting with the successful Sucker Punch trilogy on the PS2, two main types of Easter eggs refer to Sly Cooper. The first is the Crooked Kama Gang, which gives an unmistakable image of the iconic walking stick. To find this gang, you need to open chapter 3 of the game. Upon arrival, travel to the Jogaku Temple, which is located on the north side of Jogaku Lake, and climb to the top of the temple. Once you reach the top you will find this headband on an engraved arrow.

Another more explicit reminder of the Sly Cooper series is the Sly Tanuki sword group. Regardless of the name itself as a reference to the ring-tailed thief, the same group was created to look like a furry raccoon tail. If you want to add this Easter egg to your collection, you must reach the third part of the game again. On the far east coast of Kane prefecture, you can discover a peninsula that also contains a column of honor. Once you have overcome environmental obstacles that can make you feel evil in this process, this sword collection is waiting for you at the end.

Last but not least is the Invisible Trophy Cooper Cosplay Clan. We have a full guide even if you want a full detail on how to unlock that, but we're ready to drop it from this round of all Sucker Punch Easter Eggs eggs. Basically, by wearing the specific armor, including the pieces we mentioned here, you can turn a gene into the best cosplay it could be.

InFamous: Easter Eggs second son

The recent Sucker Punch series, unfortunately, InFamous is getting less love like Sly's Easter eggs. With just one direct reference, it seems like a small missed opportunity, but they packed a lot on this secret. Like the Kooked Kama gang, this is another custom headband element called Band Of The Second Son. Obviously, the same name is reconnecting with the studio's latest major release, InFamous: Second Son. But there is more than just a name. First, the headband is the same cap worn by the main character Delsin Rowe. The description even vaguely reminds him, saying that they are "the colors of a warrior of time and place."

What really makes this reference stand out is the subtle detail featured on the gang poster, which when translated from Japanese actually reads "Seattle 138". The very same text, in English only, was written on the Delsin hat of the Second Son. Finding this gang means the size of the temple in the Omi Monastery in the second area. Use the grappling hook to climb up the tower and it will be placed in another arrow.

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