​Good interim weapon for Zealot

I've just completed Hell with a Zealot. I'm trying to find a reliable weapon as I search for elements to build Grief. I'm trying to kill cows and , of course, physical defenses. My current gear is this way:


Weapon Baranar's Star

Head: Darksight Helm

Body: Wyrmhide, with "Smoke" runeword

Shield Paladin shield with "Rhyme" runeword

Shoes: Gore Rider

Gloves Hands Laying

Rings Stone from Jordan Rare dual-leech Ring


The Helm: Tal-Rasha's crest

Leir: The body of Duriel's Shell

Weapon: Thresher, with "Obedience" runeword

Here's a few upgrades to help you:

Weapon: Stormlash as well as an improved headstriker

Head: Guillames Face

Armor Duress

Ammy: Highlords

Gloves: hand-crafted with a slashing blow glove

In the end, change the shield you have and SOJ to a HOZ and Ravenfrost.

The crushing blow, the fatal strike or open wounds can be all great statistics to stack.

However, I wouldn't cultivate cows with a passion it's going to be slow unless you've got optimal equipment. Try Pits and WSK. These two places are the best chance you have to get things like HR's or TC87.

When you've got a Lo You're right to the point of grief Don't get carried away by doing the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Edit: You may also make yourself an enchanted demon limb to increase attack damage from fire and.

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