​Lost Ark brings crisp new raids in the October update

Oct-26-2022 | Categories: Lost Ark

What is this update? on October 26th, the monthly update for October will appear in Lost Ark. There are new events, twitch drops and skins, but the highlight is really hard challenges.

Because apart from the other content, 3 new raids will find their way into the MMORPG, or two new raids and a new variant of Vykas, an existing raid. All three are aimed at very experienced players, because they get really difficult.

What are these raids? The three upcoming raids are three different types of raids, but we'll summarize them here.


For one thing, Legion Raid Vykas' hellish difficulty comes into play.


In addition, Mystic is a new Abyss Raid that will only be available for three weeks. Here you have to fight your way through three different phases and receive event tokens as a reward. You can only kill him once per week per account, so a maximum of three kills from Mystic are waiting for you.

Like the other new raids, Mystic is played normally. This means you will be set to Gearscore 1,302 and the Book of Coordination will be used to level you up. Set effects and more are not used, which creates an increased difficulty.

Achates Trial

Finally, Achates Trial beckons as a special Guardian Raid coming into play with the October update. This also wants to be killed normally and should be about as difficult as a hellish Legion Raid.

The important thing is that the Achates Trial doesn't start until Saturday, because there is a special achievement for the first group in each region that manages to defeat it. To ensure everyone has the same chances, Amazon chose Saturday for the release.

You can also earn achievements and titles here. By the way, there is also an exclusive title for the team that can defeat the boss in the shortest possible time. Those who are brave will certainly be rewarded here.

We currently do not know how long Achates Trial will be available. Amazon does not announce when or if the raid will disappear from the game again.

The Clown Raid only came to Arkesia in September:

New PvP season and big fall event

What else does the update bring? There's also new content for those of you who prefer fighting other players to fighting PvE bosses. Because the October update also starts the second PvP season in the western version of Lost Ark.

Compared to the first season, some rewards and the scoring have been revised in general. However, if you manage to reach at least the rank of Gold or higher during the season, you will receive exclusive rewards that are not further mentioned.

There are also some bug fixes and new login rewards as well as a new Fevertime event, so gifts of all kinds are again provided for in this update.

How does the new event work? After the big summer event, which took place over several months, the autumn event follows under the name Aldebaran Harvest. This event is more akin to Thanksgiving than Halloween, and runs from October 26th to December 7th.

After a short quest line, which you can accept in any capital city, you come to the new Mokomoko Night Market island where the event takes place. Once arrived, you can also reach them with the Oceanliner.

There you will find, in addition to your own events and rewards, a new daily task and an Island Soul that you can earn there. Event currency can then be exchanged for card packs, upgrade materials, and more.

Halloween skins of all kinds

What's coming for Halloween? In an MMORPG, of course, no Halloween content should be missing in October. Lost Ark does not deliver a big event for this, but lots of new skins that you can buy for real money and blue crystals.

There are really many and different skins in the shop. Some of these look like regular street clothes masquerading as Halloween costumes, while others are downright spooky doing it too.

Matching this, there are also new pets that represent a flying broomstick with a pumpkin head and a magician's hat and thus fit perfectly into your new, spooky island. Because there are also new buildings for your fortress, with which you can decorate them in Halloween style.

The entire horror package is then rounded off by a new mount. The "Pumpkin Carriage" mount is a carriage that drives itself as if by magic and is available in different colors.

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