Lost Ark: ​Control Glaivier Relic set

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I'm planning to switch into my Glaivier control once I reach 1460 on my main. main(one tap away) however i'm unable to find an appropriate advanced guide, particularly on the Relic set. Most guides say you should play Full Swiftness using Entropy, but isn't Nightmare an 4pc plus Entropy 2pc a excellent combination? Because you can easily knock down the mana and enter the ultimate mana state and also gain more cdr and get the damage boost for crits due to Entropy.

It's pretty simple to get enough critique to be worth it.

You can get 18% from your neck and 15 from adrenaline as well as 18 for sinergy and 10% back attack and 7% from LWC.

This is 68%, even with the benefit of the 4pc entropy. Wouldn't this be a better strategy, or am I not understanding how this set piece works?

Yes , you'll get the same amount of Crit and you can get it from a Crit Synergy that isn't Glaivier . This means you could go up to 70%or more.

Entropy is the best option because the style of play really revolves around with back attacks and you'll definitely require back attack criticism. Attack regardless.

In addition, generally Swiftness classes aren't great with 4PC Nightmare Particularly Control since they don't wish to cross Boundless MP (you aren't able to get the damage bonus portion of the set and CDR isn't as significant to Control Glaivier) This means that this creates Nightmare very unbalanced Relic set. Also, it does not give you Crit Rate, meaning you don't be able to get the Crit you need to get 2pc Entropy.

If you're concerned about mana, 2 Nightmare is sufficient however you're losing damage in this manner instead of taking 6 Entropy. It isn't a good idea to in the later raids as the damage-uptime is much less than you'll have time to replenish your mana using Support and CJ. In content such as Valtan and Guardian Raids, you can select this method however for the best DPS, you must choose to go with a 6pc Entropy.

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