​NHL 22 TOTY Winners Revealed: Team of The Year

Jan-03-2022 | Categories: NHL

The yearly release of EA's NHL Team of the Year has formally been uncovered! A few players followed up their determinations last year as NHL 22 Team of the Year champs for 2021. The Tampa Bay Lightning's star defenseman Victor Hedman and goalkeeper Vasilevskiy are back once more. Going along with them are four other meriting hockey stars including Brad Marchand and Adam Fox, who both responded to the news.

EA uncovers NHL 22 Team of the Year victors

Only a couple of days prior, we checked out the 30 candidates for Team of the Year. Presently, as the year finishes off, EA is respecting six of the best players in hockey who were named as their NHL 22 TOTY champs.

The offense incorporates previous cover star Conor McDavid at the middle spot. McDavid, a different time All-Star with the Edmonton Oilers, was beforehand the NHL 18 game cover star.

The Oilers star is the main cover star to get the TOTY honor this year. Cover star Auston Matthews, and previous cover star Alex Ovechkin, were among the candidates.

He's flanked by the Bruins' Marchand and Colorado Avalanche RW, Mikko Rantanen. Tampa Bay's Victor Hedman and the Rangers' Adam Fox head up the protection, while Vasilevskiy minds the net for NHL 22 TOTY.

With the uncover of the above players, fans have discussed whether everybody there merited the spots, or other NHL stars did. Some have attempted to contend for Ovechkin, while others have referenced Cale Makar might have been a decent decision over Hedman.

In an entertaining side note, the first uncover of the TOTY players showed Vasilevskiy as a left-wing, which a few fans have tweeted about:

Vasilevskiy was in the NHL 21 Team of the Year setup alongside Hedman, Leon Draisaitl, David Pastrnak, Artemin Panarin, Hedman, and Cale Makar.

Brad Marchand, Adam Fox respond to Team of the Year

Following the uncover of the new Team of the Year, NHL 22 TOTY champs Brad Marchand and Adam Fox shared pictures alongside their responses. Every one of the group of the Year players got an extraordinary gift respecting their choice to the group.

Marchand tweeted that he "tracked down a little a bonus under his tree this year, graciousness of EA Sports NHL. The Bruins star added he's "eager to be part" of the TOTY.

Adam Fox additionally tweeted a photograph of himself with the unique NHL 22 TOTY skates, demonstrating it was a distinction for EA to pick him for the crew.

With the TOTY champs uncovered, every one of the six players currently has a powerful player card accessible in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) mode. These are accessible through HUT packs or by finishing explicit trade sets in HUT.

The new NHL 22 TOTY player cards went live in HUT starting at 2 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (5 p.m. Eastern Time) on Friday, December 31. They'll presently don't be accessible as of January 7, 2022, at 2 p.m. PDT (5 p.m. ET).

Likewise, the World of Chel got new Team of the Year things with TOTY-themed player skates and goalie covers. In addition, if you are interested in the new NHL 22 TOTY player card, you can follow MMOexp, you will get enough NHL 22 Coins to buy player cards.