RuneScape guide: Capsarius soul cultivating made simple

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Quite possibly the most helpful and beneficial parts of the Slayer ability is the Sunken Pyramid. Situated in Menaphos, this pyramid goes about as a prison that permits a player to place and cultivate any Slayer horde of decision with a significantly diminished bring forth delay. Notwithstanding, the beast's spirit should initially be assembled to do this. Of the numerous Slayer spirits acquirable in RuneScape, ostensibly none are just about as productive as the Capsarius.

The Capsarius is one of five Ascension Members. Similarly as with all Ascension Members, they need essentially level 81 Slayer to kill. They are an engaging decision to cultivate as they don't hit hard, are not difficult to kill, and have a rewarding drop table. Moreover, the Ascension Keys they drop are worth up to 700,000 gold each and amount to a noteworthy benefit of 10 million gold each hour.

Cultivating Capsarius spirits


99 Slayer

Reach weapon and reinforcement

Void ushabti (One for each ideal soul)

Suggested things

Defiled Slayer cap.

Spring more clean.

Oo'glog Well Spring relic (81 Archeology) for boundless run energy.

Oo'glog salt-water spring, Anachronia spa, and Globetrotter boots.

Reviled ushabti for a further developed soul get rate possibility.

Development advantages, T90/92 Range weapon, and T70 Range power protection.

The catch pace of a Capsarius soul in RuneScape differs enormously relying upon a couple of key factors. These factors are a player's Slayer level, if a player has an "Request for Ascension Members" Slayer task, if the player is wearing a defiled slayer head protector, and if a reviled ushabti is being utilized.

The most dire outcome imaginable is that you have level 99 Slayer, no reviled ushabti, no debased slayer head protector, and you are not on an assignment. In the event that these factors are valid, a spirit get pace of 1/500 (0.2%) can be anticipated. Interestingly, a 120 Slayer with a reasonable assignment, undermined slayer protective cap, and reviled ushabti raise these drop chances up to 1/41 (2.4%).

Given this, players who just barely meet the prerequisites may think that its advantageous to hold off until they are at a higher Slayer level. Indeed, even with the most effective cultivating strategy utilized, a 1/500 drop chance will take around an hour and a half to cultivate only one soul accepting normal karma.

An ideal arrangement for low-power cultivating requires five Capsarius spirits. Except if you are ready to go through a few hours cultivating spirits, it is prescribed to pause. Despite the fact that, buying reviled amascut sand for 6.5 million gold each can speed things up for eager players. Reviled Amascut Sand can be joined with a ushabti to make a reviled ushabti. This expands the spirit catch pace of all Slayer beasts by half.


Enter the Ascension Dungeon. The most straightforward approach to arrive is to transport to the Oo'glog lodestone and run northwest. Then again, either a Ring of Dueling or Spirit Tree can be utilized to transport to the Warforge Dig Site only southwest of the prison. On the off chance that none of those techniques are accessible, running south from Yanille will get the job done.

To enter the prison you'll should be a level 81 Slayer on your RuneScape account, albeit, level 99 Slayer is expected to gather Capsarius spirits. Once inside, head upper east past the Rorarius and bounce across the primary alternate route found. Run north until you go into a room containing four Gladius, two Caparius, and a Scutarius.

The two rooms of interest are the primary room entered and the also estimated space toward the north. Both of these contain two Capsarius brings forth which can be pivoted between. The most productive technique is killing one, hurrying to the next room, killing another, and afterward rehashing that interaction.

Of the two Capsarius in each room, one will consistently be alive in the event that you follow this revolution. This implies it's feasible to constantly cultivate Capsarius without remaining around and stand by. Accepting a player is completely engaged and running between each room constant, around 340 kills each hour can be anticipated. Notwithstanding, this number will fall without personal satisfaction things, for example, the Oo'glog Well Spring relic and a weapon able to do reliably one-shotting the Capsarius.

At the most ideal chances of 1/41, gathering five spirits to fill an individual Slayer prison room will require simply over 30 minutes. With the most noticeably awful chances conceivable, yet a similar kill rate, gathering five spirits will take around seven hours. It's anything but impossible that (with misfortune) the last could wind up assuming control more than 10 hours.

When the ideal measure of Capsarius spirits are acquired, head down to RuneScape's Sunken Pyramid. Make sure to carry the gathered spirits alongside you. The Sunken Pyramid can be reached by making a beeline for the Menaphos Port locale and addressing Portmaster Kags on the Westernmost dock. Request that he take you to the Sunken Pyramid and afterward head inside. At last, enter the actual prison in 'form mode' and spot the spirits in either the northwest or upper east rooms. Congrats, every one of the necessities to cultivate Capsarius have been met. Presently capitalize on one of RuneScape's best low-force cash producers.

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