Sergio Ramos' Absence from EA FC 24: Explained and Anticipated

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Sergio Ramos, the renowned former Real Madrid star and ex-Spain captain, has notably been absent from EA FC 24, sparking curiosity and disappointment among fans. However, there are logical explanations behind this omission, as well as anticipation for his eventual inclusion in the game. Here's everything you need to know about Sergio Ramos and his status in EA FC 24.

Why isn't Sergio Ramos available in EA FC 24?

Sergio Ramos stands as one of the premier defenders of his generation, making him a coveted choice for the central back position in many Ultimate Teams. Yet, fans were surprised and disheartened to discover his absence from EA FC 24. While there hasn't been an official statement regarding this exclusion, fans have speculated on plausible reasons.

The recent transfer window brought significant excitement to fans, witnessing numerous high-profile players switching teams, including Sergio Ramos, who joined Sevilla as a free agent. Having opted not to renew his contract with Real Madrid at the end of the previous season, Ramos remained a free agent for an extended period before sealing his move to Sevilla. This prolonged status as a free agent appears to be the key factor contributing to his absence from the roster of available players in EA FC 24.

Typically, decisions regarding squads and players in EA FC 24 are finalized after considering the transfers made during the window. In the case of Ramos, his status as a free agent persisted until the penultimate day of the team finalization process for EA FC 24. By the time he inked his deal with Sevilla, the developers had already completed their selections, rendering it impractical to add Ramos to the game at that late stage. Thus, the absence of Sergio Ramos from EA FC 24 can be attributed to the timing of his transfer.

Will Sergio Ramos be added to EA FC 24?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding Sergio Ramos' inclusion in EA FC 24 for this year. However, with the winter transfer window looming in January, EA FC 24 typically receives an update featuring refreshed rosters and ratings after the window's closure. Fans are hopeful that EA Sports will seize this opportunity to incorporate Sergio Ramos into the game through the forthcoming winter update.

In conclusion, while Sergio Ramos' absence from EA FC 24 may have disappointed fans, there are understandable reasons behind it, primarily stemming from the timing of his transfer to Sevilla. Nonetheless, fans can remain optimistic about his potential inclusion in the game through upcoming updates, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to add the revered defender to their virtual squads.

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