Skull and Bones Beginner's Guide: How to Master the High Seas

Embarking on your maiden voyage in the vast oceans of Skull and Bones can be daunting, especially for newcomers. To help you navigate the challenges of piracy and exploration, we've compiled a beginner's guide to playing Skull and Bones like a seasoned captain.

Maximize Infamy by Tackling Multiple Missions:

The Infamy system is the lifeblood of Skull and Bones. Earn points by engaging enemy ships and completing missions, which you can then use to unlock valuable equipment blueprints and ship upgrades. Start by completing the initial quest chain in Sainte-Anne, the main pirate hub, and then focus on both main and side missions to rapidly accumulate Infamy points.

Stock Up on Metal Salvage for Ammunition:

Metal Salvage, commonly found near shipwrecks and battle sites, is crucial for crafting cannonballs. Always loot Metal Salvage whenever possible to ensure you have an ample supply of basic ammunition, especially when your specialized ammo runs low.

Use Your Warehouse Wisely:

Don't underestimate the importance of your warehouse. With 170 slots available, it's a valuable resource for storing loot and valuables. Utilize it to safeguard your treasures and prevent loss in case of a shipwreck.

Scavenge Around the Exeter:

Explore the wreckage of the Exeter to gather Broken Planks, Metal Salvage, and Rusty Nails. While considered "flawed" materials, they are still valuable for crafting and stocking up your warehouse. Make multiple laps around the Exeter to gather as much as you can before heading to Sainte-Anne.

Discover Outposts for Fast Travel:

Sainte-Anne serves as a safe harbor, but exploring other Outposts is essential for unlocking fast travel points. Approach these areas to mark them as fast travel points, allowing for quicker navigation across the map. Keep in mind that fast travel costs silver, so weigh the benefits against the expense.

Track Blueprints with Ease:

Upgrading your ship is essential for success in Skull and Bones. Track down blueprints by visiting merchants and selecting the items you desire to track their locations on the map. This simplifies the process of acquiring new weapons and armor to enhance your vessel.

By following these tips, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of Skull and Bones from the moment you set sail. For an even smoother start, consider purchasing Skull and Bones accounts to join the adventure with friends swiftly. Prepare to chart your course and dominate the high seas!

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