The level design of "The Last of Us 2" is reminiscent of "Uncharted"

May-30-2020 | Categories: news

Mention the most anticipated recent game masterpiece, that is, "The Last of Us 2" must be mentioned. This game can be described as ill-fated. It was originally scheduled to launch in February this year and was postponed to May 29 due to optimization. Later, due to well-known reasons, an indefinite extension was announced. When everyone was at a loss, overseas video sites exposed a large number of spoiler videos.

Both Sony and Naughty Dog said that the leaker was not an employee within the two companies. According to reports from the well-known game media "Kotaku", everyone pointed the finger at the hacker. Regardless of who did it, after the spoiler incident, Sony and the naughty dog ??had to advance the launch time to June 19. As the official launch date of the game slowly approached, the official released the latest movie of "The Last of Us 2" through the latest State of Play live broadcast.

In the film, "Neil Druckmann", the vice president of the naughty dog ??and the game director of the series "The Last of Us", showed you a real-game game screen that has never been revealed. Some of the display content we have known before, and some of the display content is brand new, the doctor took everyone to take a look. We know: "The Last of Us" is a story describing mutant bacteria turning human hosts into aggressive and human-eating monsters. The "The Last of Us 2" happened five years after the "The Last of Us" story. Ellie, who has grown into a 19-year-old independent strong woman, once again embarked on a new adventure to survive.

The main stage of "The Last of Us 2" is in Seattle and the surrounding area. This is not the same as the previous Boston. It is a quarantine area where a civil war occurs. The game uses an open area level design, players can freely choose to explore the target to open different side events, and can also choose different routes freely. However, the level is open, and the whole game is not an open world game. After the player enters the main line from the open level, it will change back to a linear scene.

In "The Last of Us 2", Ellie will face more diverse enemies. In addition to the sound seekers and chasers who are far more than a generation, they will also encounter infected people who will explode on contact or be invisible. . Like the first generation, this "listening" system is still a very important mechanism in combat.

Through the training manual, Ellie can use the collected resources to make silencers and special bows to carry out long-range attacks. When close, Ellie has more dodge combat methods, allowing players to dodge and counter-attack the enemy at the appropriate time. In the display, we can see that Ellie can take the enemy as a hostage, and then wait for the enemy to hesitate to shoot the shot, which is very impressive!

In addition, we also see that the grown-up heroine Ellie can swim and can kill enemy dogs in the game. It is worth mentioning that: in the demo clip, a character in the game is playing Sony ’s discontinued handheld PSV, and the game is "Hotline Miami". After all, it is a game studio owned by Sony. There is no reason for game characters to play 3DS!

One of the main points of this exhibition is to let players see the environmental elements of the open exploration in the game. Players can choose multiple divergent routes and side missions, this setting is very similar to the design of the previous naughty dog ??in "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy". Reusing the mechanism saves time and effort, so why not do it?