A Comprehensive Guide to the Mage Blood Kinetic Blast DeadEye in Path of Exile

Jan-23-2024 | Categories: path of exile Tag: PoE orbs, Path of Exile Currency, MMOexp

In Path of Exile, people typically steer clear of complex builds that involve multiple high-tier items like Mage Blood or Nemesis. However, the current league has brought about a scarcity of Path Of Exile currency, and the demand for a Mage Blood Kinetic Bolt Deadeye build has been persistent. Intrigued by the potential, I decided to dive into this unconventional build, and the results have been impressive.

The key component of this build is the Mage Blood flask, which, when used with high-end gear, proves to be a potent item. The footage showcases the build's remarkable strength, boasting well over a billion DPS according to Path of Building. While this level of damage might seem excessive for most bosses, it significantly speeds up encounters, making them almost instantaneous.

Despite the initial reservations about using Mage Blood and high-tier items, the build has proven to be effective in both mapping and boss encounters. In maps, the setup offers significant defenses, and the only real threat comes from extremely dangerous modifiers or elusive mobs with proximity shields. In this article, we'll discuss the differences between the standard setup and the new Mage Blood configuration, as well as the seamless transition between mapping and bossing.

The build is in a Tier 16 Delirious Dunes map, facing challenges from various modifiers like INF feeble, two unique bosses, reduced flash charges, and more. The league's server issues create latency problems, but the build manages to handle the map well, demonstrating its capabilities even in challenging conditions.

The Mage Blood version of the build introduces changes to the main gem links, equipping items like Nemesis, and making use of replica Her's Ey. With the ability to achieve infinite resistances through unique items, the build gains flexibility in gear choices. The increased damage output is evident, especially in boss encounters.

The mapping setup emphasizes the importance of evasion, highlighting the misconception about its effectiveness. Achieving a 95% evasion rate is crucial for survival, significantly reducing the chances of getting hit. The discussion emphasizes the undervalued strength of evasion and the importance of reaching the evasion cap for optimal defense.

The article delves into the intricacies of Spell Slinger usage, detailing its advantages and drawbacks. The Spell Slinger setup aids in applying marks to a variety of mobs, including powerful blue mobs that could be challenging to eliminate without it. However, it comes with the cost of sacrificing a portion of life with every spell cast. For boss encounters, the article recommends turning off Spell Slinger, activating Aspect of the Crab, and manually casting the mark for better survivability.

The discussion extends to the significance of life on gear, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing life wherever possible. Leeching and life gain on hit nodes are non-negotiable for survival, particularly in challenging maps with reduced life recovery modifiers. The article provides insights into crafting the required gear, with a detailed focus on achieving spell suppression resistances.

In the bossing setup, the article covers changes to the skill tree, gear, and gem links. Adjustments include obtaining 90% evasion instead of 95%, swapping out the Dying Sun flask for the Chaos Row, and modifying the anointment to Prism Weave. The discussion also introduces a unique thread of hope for specific bossing nodes, addressing the need for increased Mark effectiveness.

In summary, the Mage Blood Kinetic Bolt Deadeye build proves to be a versatile and powerful choice, excelling in both mapping and bossing scenarios. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the build's strengths, gear requirements, and adjustments for different scenarios, offering valuable insights for players looking to try out this unique Path of Exile build.

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