A Guide to FC 24 FUT Birthday: New Cards for Gullit, Messi, and de Bruyne

Mar-16-2024 | Categories: FC 24 Tag: EA FC 24 Coins, FC 24 Players, MMOexp

FC 24 FUT Birthday, marking 15 years of Ultimate Team, has kicked off in style, introducing a plethora of exciting new cards, including iconic figures like Lionel Messi, Kevin de Bruyne, and the legendary Ruud Gullit. Here's all you need to know about this celebratory campaign, along with a breakdown of the impressive roster of FC 24 FUT Birthday cards.

What's FC 24 FUT Birthday All About?

FC 24 FUT Birthday is a jubilant celebration of 15 years of Ultimate Team, renowned for unleashing highly coveted cards into packs. The festivities commenced on March 15th, promising boosted stats to either 5-star FC 24 skill moves or a 5-star weak foot for all featured players.

Who Made the Cut for FC 24 FUT Birthday Team 1?

The initial lineup of FC 24 FUT Birthday Team 1 didn't disappoint, featuring stellar additions such as Lionel Messi (CF, 94), Kevin de Bruyne (CM, 93), and Son Heung-Min (ST, 91). While these cards undoubtedly elevate squads, they come at a premium, with Messi's Ultimate Birthday item fetching a staggering 14 million coins on the secondary market.

Exploring FC 24 FUT Birthday Icons

Team 1 also unveiled ten upgraded FC 24 Base Icons, headlined by the likes of Ruud Gullit and Thierry Henry, both boasting a formidable rating of 94. Other notable additions include Brazilian legends Carlos Alberto (RB, 93) and Socrates (CAM, 92), providing ample opportunities for squad enhancement strategies.

When Can We Expect FC 24 FUT Birthday Team 2?

The anticipation continues with FC 24 FUT Birthday Team 2 slated for release on March 22nd, promising another wave of Icons and contemporary stars to enhance your squad. Stay tuned for the full lineup update post-release.

Why Do Some Players Have Two FC 24 FUT Birthday Cards?

Certain players offer a unique choice with two FC 24 FUT Birthday cards available, each emphasizing a specific attribute. For instance, Karim Benzema presents two 93-rated cards, one highlighting 5-star skill moves, and the other showcasing a 5-star weak foot. Similar options exist for Bukayo Saka, offering versatility in squad customization.

Full FC 24 FUT Birthday Cards List

Below is a comprehensive list of all FC 24 FUT Birthday cards released as of March 15th, including Icons denoted with an asterisk. Be sure to check back for updates following Team 2's release on March 22nd.

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Which Player Will You Choose?

With an array of enticing options available, selecting the ideal player for your squad can be daunting. Whether you're eyeing a footballing icon or a contemporary star, securing the perfect addition is crucial for squad success. If you're looking to bolster your team further or acquire FC 24 Coins, MMOExp offers a wide range of options to suit your needs.

With FC 24 FUT Birthday in full swing, the footballing world is abuzz with excitement as players vie for supremacy in the virtual arena. Choose wisely, and may your squad reign supreme on the pitch!

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