Amazon Game Studios Has Pushed New World To 2021

Jul-14-2020 | Categories: news

Amazon Jim Studios just proved the internet rumor mill, as New World was delayed until 2021. The company released a full statement today, which you can read below, devised by studio director Rich Lawrence. The game was six weeks after its launch, but rumors spread to Reddit that developers knew the game wouldn't end on time, with some suggesting they had known this for more than three months. But the studio itself kept pushing through with promotional materials and features as if it came out on time. According to the statement, the game will only be released sometime after the last beta test in the spring of 2021, meaning it may take another nine months before we see the game launch.

As the August 25 launch date approached, we studied our list of features, took input from an Alpha audience, and listened to what they liked (or didn't like!) About the current game. We are incredibly grateful for all the support and suggestions from Alpha Players, from people who have spent thousands of hours in the New World to those who have just taken samples - all of which is valuable.

I am proud of the hard work of the team, making the game ready for launch with the features we plan to launch. We also have a list of features that we wanted to work on when we were in the direct development phase as this is part of the MMO game run. When we looked at the responses we have received from Alpha fans over the past few months, we have seen that players love the game and want to see more of it. In particular, we want to ensure that the most committed players have many midfield and end experiences during adventure with Aeternum. We want our players to feel completely immersed in the game, and we know that our studio symbolizes the high-quality gameplay you can trust - and that means extra time to get the things we want them before we start completely.

As a result, we will change our launch date - and, in return, the latest beta test - in Spring 2021. We don't take the decision seriously and insist that we deliver the game below the best quality as soon as possible - with some additions that will make the experience even better. 

We're excited about the game we're creating and want to add more features and content before sharing it with a wider audience. Thanks to our community, we offer our customers a special opportunity to pre-register and pre-order (in addition to an alpha test, thanks!) To play the full game for the new world - in the current state, for a limited time from August 25. We send an email directly to customers with information about the sharing process. We are sure you will feel that the game has so many promises as we understand it, and we will understand why we want to set aside extra time to make this experience the best we can. Let us look forward to it together!