Animal Crossing: New Borders - How to Find a Fake Painting

Apr-24-2020 | Categories: Animal Crossing

Our favorite crazy art shop is back in action. You can now play with Crazy Redd in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the latest update, you can expand the museum to include it in your art gallery!

How to Find Crazy Reed

Crazy Redd lives on thanks to his previous reputation, even Isabel is worried about his artistic affairs. If you have the latest update installed, you can open Redd several days after you’ve spoken at the museum to Blathers. As long as you donate bugs, fish, and fossils to Plathers, he remembers wanting to open an art gallery. The next day, Isabel tells you about the existence of a suspicious character. Redd sells you the painting, and you donate it to Blathers, the rest is history.

Where to purchase Redd art

Once you’ve set up an art gallery and want to buy art from Redd, you can take it on his boat because it offers you a variety of art and furniture. You only have one purchase per day and you need to be careful. Former players know that some (if not all) of Redd’s art is counterfeiting. So how do you spot a fake painting?

How to know fake paintings

Prepare to illuminate the Crazy Redd to be worse. However, Redd lets you review the art before you buy it. Time shines.

False paintings often contain something far removed from them. These little details from the coffee stain to the missing hat become huge red flags. Redd’s art is based on real paintings, so you can often compare panels to the right object and play Spot the Difference. Be sure to guess correctly, or else you could have serious consequences. It is also important to note that playing previous Animal Crossing games, such as the Wistful table, is not the same. This means that your Spot the Difference game has just been featured, where the differences are ... well, different.

An example of the difference is the "stunning drawing". In a magnificent forged painting, the black hat is removed from the center of the plate. In the actual version of the painting, however, the black figure appears in the middle of the work with a hat.

According to Acadiaa at Reddit, here’s a guide to every piece of art you can buy from Redd and which songs have the wrong versions:

The importance of getting the right billboard should not be overlooked. If I take a fake record to Blathers, he won’t accept it. Plus, you can only buy one product from Crazy Redd a day, so you have to make it a good item. However, everyone on your island can buy one record or art from Redd every day, so you can empty their stock. It’s important to keep in mind that in previous games like New Leaf, Redd sold one real table a day and the rest are fake. Good luck, God bless you!