Barbarian Guide: Conquer with Brute Strength

In Dark and Darker, the Barbarian stands as a powerhouse among classes, boasting unmatched damage and resilience while sacrificing speed and finesse. Here's a breakdown of their strengths, weaknesses, skills, perks, gear, and tactical insights:

Barbarian's Role:

The Barbarian embodies raw might, excelling in close-quarters combat and decimating foes with devastating blows. They are the vanguard, smashing through obstacles and enemies alike.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


High damage output, capable of eliminating foes swiftly.

Exceptional survivability and access to both ranged and melee weapons.

Can apply crowd control effects, making tough fights more manageable.

The Smash Perk negates slow interaction speed by breaking doors and chests.


No spellcasting abilities.

Slow movement, attack speed, and interaction speed.

Precision with attacks takes practice.

Vulnerable to environmental constraints and lacks innate healing.

Best Skills for Barbarians:

Rage and Savage Roar shine as top picks:

Rage: Provides a significant movement speed boost, surprising opponents.

Savage Roar: Fear-inducing ability ideal for crowd control and tactical advantage in PvE encounters.

While Reckless Attack and War Cry offer viable alternatives, Rage and Savage Roar generally offer more utility.

Optimal Perks:

Key Perks include Smash, Iron Will, and Axe Specialization:

Smash: Overcomes slow interaction speed, essential for solo play.

Iron Will: Enhances resistance against magic and is useful in specific situations.

Axe Specialization: Boosts damage, aligning with the Barbarian's preferred weapon choice.

Other Perks can be tailored to personal preferences and team needs.

Armor and Weapon Choices:

Barbarians prioritize high armor values and gear buffs such as True Damage, Agility, Strength, or Max Health. Weapon preferences often include Bardiche, Felling Axe, Horseman's Axe, and Zweihander for their range, speed, and damage capabilities.

General Tips for Success:

Utilize Savage Roar for crowd control in PvE encounters.

Holster weapons when not in combat to increase movement speed.

Master throwing axes for unexpected ranged attacks.

Exercise caution with friendly fire, as Barbarian attacks can inadvertently harm allies.

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