​Barricade or raid captain on arcana

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From what I recognize, raid captain has higher card technology and barely higher dps, however is it as tough as they are saying it's far? Like they are saying you want to suppose loads at the same time as the use of it as you want to preserve your pace buffs from the blue talents. Thing is, you're already spamming blue talents all of the time with arcana in your stacks, so that you need to be capable of without problems cause raid captain all of the time proper?

Im asking this purpose I become considering going barricade for a safer/less difficult playstyle at the same time as having solid dps, however considering it extra of Lost Ark gold, it looks as if raid captain nevertheless has solid dps and isn’t that tough to play so long as you cause your motion tripods on blue talents.

So Im wondering that I may as nicely select to construct raid captain seeing that card technology is getting nerfed for barricade(idk why they could select to nerf name of future lol). I assume, the hard element approximately RC nevertheless will be the extended card technology in place of preserving RC, however, I suppose in case you are skilled in arcana, the use of your playing cards need to be clean sufficient. It need to additionally be extra useful closer to your dps because it looks as if in addition they buffed the probabilities of the higher card attracts like cull and judgement. Just my mind so some distance, what do yll suppose?

It need to be quite clean to preserve up raid captain buff. Spiral facet offers you max movespeed with the aid of using itself, and while it isn't always up, the backflush movespeed buff is quite exact and lengthy lasting (30% ms for five seconds iirc). With craving buff you are quite near max with backflush or scratch dealer, and with ghost card you are truly there. Plus the power which will run some thing runes you need (wealth, overwhelm, bleed or wtvr) over safety can be nice.

With the adjustments, I suppose RC is immediately up higher than Barricade. It's actually extra harm maximum of the time, and would not require lots idea to renovation both the max buff or close-to-the-max buff.

I ought to see changing Cursed Doll with Barricade in case you hate cursed doll, however this is additionally a harm loss.

Btw I like that they took card draw out of Call of Destiny and placed it into the pink talents as a substitute. It does a whole lot of exact matters for the magnificence:

- Makes you much less reliant on a unmarried tripod to draw, making Arcana higher in equalized content material wherein you most effective get lvl 1 tripods.

- Allows for the selection factor of the use of Wealth runes.

- Less RNG in card draw frequency seeing that you are virtually filling your gauge vs. gambaing on Call of Destiny to supply for you.

- Class has higher draw at decrease funding/as an alt, wherein maximum human beings have not invested in tripods however do have Wealth runes.

- Buffs Empress card draw with out in reality affecting Emperor card draw, which become simply fine.

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