​Best MUT group chief in Madden 22: How to pick your chief for Ultimate Team

Aug-21-2021 | Categories: Madden 22

With the arrival of "Madden NFL 22," it's an ideal opportunity to start your Madden Ultimate Team venture.

One of the initial steps to making your group is picking a group chief. Actually like in earlier years, the group skipper accompanies various advantages, most strikingly the group science lift to assist you with building your topic groups. Yet, the group chief can likewise be a valuable player for your list, particularly initially as they all begin as 85 generally speaking and be moved up to 89.

A portion of the advantages of the group chief:

3x group science (to begin)

Can prepare any NFL group science

Can update from 85 to 89 OVR at dispatch

Every Ability costs 5 Training to open

Every Superstar X-Factor Ability is 10 Training to open

This year you can pick from LE Jack Youngblood, SS John Lynch, RB Shaun Alexander or WR Lance Alworth. Underneath, we'll go through the entirety of their attributes and clarify the upsides and downsides of every player to assist you with settling on the right choice for your group.

Group commanders in MUT 22

LE Jack Youngblood

Jack Youngblood is a strong card at left end, a place that isn't as fun in MUT. In any case, that is actually why I like Youngblood as a group chief. As the season advances, you will need explicit cards at wide collector and running back, which means Lance Alworth and Shaun Alexander become unappealing. Youngblood is somebody you can put on your protective line. As the season advances, he may not be on your field, however you can in any case profit from the group sciences.

SS John Lynch

John Lynch starts the year as a standout amongst other in general solid safeguards. In spite of the fact that Lynch was never a very quick player, so as the MUT season advances you'll probably need a wellbeing with preferred speed over Lynch. With how compatible securities are in MUT, I'd prefer have somebody like FS Trevon Moehrig who is 86 by and large with 90 speed. Likewise, the current year's Ultimate Champion is SS Kam Chancellor, so it bodes well to ride with him than Lynch.

RB Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander is most likely the most noticeably terrible choice of the group chiefs. He's a fine card, however in case you're similar to me you need a running back that has a strength. Which means you either need a genuine force back like the 88 generally speaking Derrick Henry, a getting danger like Christian McCaffrey or a speedster like Raheem Mostert. Alexander has great details in general, however running back is perhaps the main situations in MUT, and I'd prefer have the opportunity to pick the person I need instead of be left with a group skipper.

WR Lance Alworth

Spear Alworth is an extremely strong card toward the start of MUT as his 88 speed (at his 89 OVR) matches probably the quickest beneficiaries notwithstanding him not being a profound danger prime example. The reality he's a course sprinter original with close to maximum velocity makes him an exceptionally engaging card, essentially in the early MUT days.

The best group skipper in MUT 22

For early MUT, Lance Alworth and Shaun Alexander are really strong decisions. They're among the best players at their separate positions, and with being significant positions you can try out capacities and X-Factors on them at a less expensive rate since they're group skippers. Since you can trade group chiefs all through the season, it's a good idea to go with one of them for the early piece of the period.

Notwithstanding, as the season advances I'd envision Jack Youngblood turns into a mainstream decision, like La'Roi Glover a year prior. Such countless cards come out that will accommodate your list better compared to a group chief, which is the reason I don't care for depending on them for positions like wide collector or running back.

John Lynch doesn't bode well as an alternative considering Kam Chancellor is the Ultimate Champion (what Madden called the MUT Master last year). In spite of the fact that when updated, Chancellor can get SS, FS, and CB chems, so in principle you could put Lynch at SS and Chancellor at FS.

So relying upon your play style, going with Alworth or Alexander early and afterward changing to Youngblood later is a strong technique. By and by I'll go with Youngblood from the start since I'm specific about who I need at wide beneficiary and running back.

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