​Diablo 2 Resurrected: Picky about skins

Jun-07-2022 | Categories: Diablo II Resurrected Tag: d2r items, d2r ladder items

I didn't realize that people are particular about their the skins... Was there something it with people who want only yellow or green facets, or having all charms appearing the same? I can understand it if it's something that was cosmetic and people could observe what you were wearing, but having things like charms jewels, etc. where no one is able to see can be a bit OCD.

Just saying that I think it's a bit silly, however to each their own. I'm struggling to find figures on various items I desire... Who is concerned about how it looks.

Some people just love the attractive. Why is gold so expensive? Why are diamonds so expensive?

Diamonds are EXTREMELY frequent and not at all uncommon... However, due to the fact that "they are gorgeous" corporations buy every site and release a tiny amount each year, allowing them to artificially increase the cost, the reason? because people are willing to be willing to pay.

Certain people simply "want the beautiful" You must keep in mind that over half of the population is completely deficient in the capacity to think critically. Many were systematically punished from the age of five for trying to challenge things or were told to "believe X" even when there isn't any evidence to support the claim.

D3 is a complete mess with regards to postgame balance however, if you somehow did not notice, the game is quite impressive the way they handled cosmetics.

People love their cosmetics.

Would I want the jewelers monarch delfection to come with the facets of a light die... Yes... how would it be more awesome when they were identical in colour... obviously! However, i won't purchase if it's very close to the same price.

A few people simply would like matching clothes.

The most effective example is the helms that have a +5 nado.

A white the wolf's helm ( similar like cerebus bite) will cost more than 5 times the cost of any other picture of the same statistics... since people are obsessed with cosmetics.

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