EA Sports FC 24: Top 8 Barclays Women's Super League TOTS Players

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The culmination of the 2023-2024 Barclays Women's Super League season has brought forth the crème de la crème of female footballers. Among the myriad of talented athletes, several players have risen above the rest with their stellar performances, both in real life and within the virtual realm of EA Sports FC 24. Let's delve into the elite eight who have earned their spots in the coveted Team of the Season (TOTS).

8. Khiara Keating, Manchester City W

Overall Rating: 60

Potential Rating: 80

Position: Goalkeeper (GK)

Despite her modest overall rating of 60, Khiara Ilhaan Keating's performance statistics belie her numerical evaluation. With an impressive tally of nine clean sheets in 21 matches and a mere 14 goals conceded throughout the season, Keating's prowess between the posts is undeniable. Her virtual attributes, boasting remarkable figures in diving, handling, kicking, reflexes, and positioning, solidify her position as a formidable goalkeeper in EA Sports FC 24.

7. Katie Zelem, Manchester United W

Overall Rating: 82

Potential Rating: 82

Position: Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM), Central Midfielder (CM)

Manchester United's Katie Leigh Zelem secures her spot in the TOTS with her exceptional midfield prowess. Boasting an impressive career trajectory with stints at renowned clubs like Liverpool and Juventus, Zelem's contributions in the 2023-2024 season include six assists and one goal in 21 appearances. Renowned for her precision in ground passes, set pieces, and aerial duels, Zelem's virtual attributes highlight her versatility and strategic acumen on the field.

6. Alex Greenwood, Manchester City W

Overall Rating: 83

Potential Rating: 84

Position: Center Back (CB), Left Back (LB)

A stalwart in Manchester City's defensive line, Alex Greenwood's inclusion in the TOTS comes as no surprise. Equally adept at center back and left back positions, Greenwood's defensive prowess is complemented by her proficiency in accurate ground passes, free kicks, and aerial duels. With virtual attributes boasting high ratings in long passing, stamina, aggression, defensive awareness, standing tackle, and composure, Greenwood stands as a formidable force in EA Sports FC 24.

5. Lotte Wubben-Moy, Arsenal W

Overall Rating: 79

Potential Rating: 86

Position: Center Back (CB)

Arsenal's Carlotte Mae Wubben-Moy emerges as a defensive stalwart, earning her place in the TOTS through consistent stellar performances. Despite her primary role as a defender, Wubben-Moy's ability to contribute offensively with one goal and two assists underscores her dynamic playing style. Known for her proficiency in indirect set-piece threats, long balls, and composed defensive maneuvers, Wubben-Moy stands as a valuable asset in any team composition.

4. Niamh Charles, Chelsea W

Overall Rating: 80

Potential Rating: 86

Position: Right Back (RB), Right Winger (RW), Left Winger (LW)

Niamh Louise Charles of Chelsea F.C. Women earns her place in the TOTS through her versatile gameplay across multiple positions. With an impressive record of two goals and six assists in 20 matches, Charles's contributions extend beyond defensive duties to encompass offensive playmaking. Renowned for her prowess in aerial duels, dribbling, ground passes, through passes, and one-on-one tackling, Charles epitomizes versatility and skill on the pitch.

3. Khadija Shaw, Manchester City W

Overall Rating: 85

Potential Rating: 87

Position: Striker (ST)

Khadija Monifa 'Bunny' Shaw solidifies her status as a premier striker with her remarkable goal-scoring record for Manchester City. With 21 goals in 18 appearances and an impressive average rating of 8.19, Shaw's dynamic playing style and lethal finishing make her a formidable force in the attacking third. Boasting exceptional attributes in finishing, shot power, and dribbling, Shaw's virtual counterpart mirrors her real-world prowess in front of goal.

2. Lauren Hemp, Manchester City W

Overall Rating: 86

Potential Rating: 89

Position: Left Winger (LW), Left Midfielder (LM)

Lauren May Hemp of Manchester City secures her place in the TOTS with her exemplary performances on the left flank. With ten goals and seven assists in 20 appearances, Hemp's proficiency in crossing, passing, dribbling, and finishing distinguishes her as a top-tier winger. Boasting exceptional attributes in crossing, acceleration, sprint speed, shot power, dribbling, ball control, reactions, and curve, Hemp epitomizes skill and finesse on the pitch.

1. Lauren James, Chelsea W

Overall Rating: 86

Potential Rating: 89

Position: Left Winger (LW), Left Midfielder (LM)

Leading the charge in the Barclays Women's Super League TOTS is none other than Chelsea's Lauren Elizabeth James. With an impressive tally of 13 goals in 15 appearances across all competitions, James's prolific goal-scoring record underscores her status as a premier forward. Known for her prowess in counter-attacks, long balls, cutting inside, dribbling, and drawing fouls, James's virtual attributes reflect her real-world dominance on the pitch.

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