EA will pick up several titles released on the Nintendo Switch this year

May-09-2020 | Categories: news

During a conference call in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, EA confirmed that it plans to release multiple addresses for Nintendo Switch before the end of the year. Earlier, the EA stated that it would launch Burnout Paradise: Remastered on the Nintendo Switch, but it was unclear whether it intended to do the same with other titles.

EA is hosting a digital show event on June 11, announcing the first worldwide news and offers for its games for 2020. At this event, EA may announce the titles it is launching for Nintendo Switch, which may include new games, remodeling and remaking.

Until then, fans recommend which of their favorite games might hit the popular mobile console. Some on Twitter asked about the Mass Effect, Titanfall and Dragon Age series. Others believe that the only interchangeable EA game is Madden NFL(Madden NFL 21 Coins shop), among other multiplayer games. Otherwise, the Switch version of The Sims 4 will likely be released, as many previous Sims games were made for Nintendo DS / 3DS.

Before EA started its switch plans, many wondered why EA didn't launch as many games on the console as other video game publishers. Speaking to an investor in 2019, CEO Andrew Wilson said EA was reluctant to transfer or publish games for Switch because "many Switch owners also own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or a computer and often choose to games we make to play on those Platforms [instead. "

Now EA seems to have recognized the value of launching games on the Switch, as many people buy copies of their Nintendo Switch titles just for the flexibility the console has to offer. People enjoy the opportunity to play games without a TV or computer screen, regardless of whether or not they are confined to one room.

Whether the decision to start publishing on Nintendo Switch signals a positive shift to another mutilated company yet to be determined. A large number of Switch owners are families with children whose parents may not want to be exposed to the myriad microcosms scattered around the recent EA games.

However, many Switch owners want to play some of their favorite games on the go. We hope that the EA will provide more information on its plans to transition during the June 11 digital show.