'Fable': an exponent of the RPG genre

Aug-04-2020 | Categories: news

Fable is undoubtedly one of the most legendary franchises that has ever existed in the video game industry, the one that led us to forge our own history and that returns to us after many years of absence. So we will review his passage through the entire industry, while we tell you how 'Fable' became one of the great exponents of adventure and Western RPG of the entire video game industry.

Beginnings within the industry

We're talking about the release that filled the void back then as RPGs, featuring its first installment on the original Xbox, a fantasy adventure with a story or narrative based on decision-making. All this came from the mind of Peter Molyneaux, who began his time in this industry in 1982, distributing games for Atari and Commodore 64, later founding Bullfrog Productions, a study that Electronic Arts would buy in 1987.

It is under the arm of Electronic Arts that Molyneaux would create his first successes in video games, until in 1997 he left the company to found Lionhead Studios, presenting 'Black & White' as his first major release. It would not be until 2004 that 'Fable' would be released, a year after Microsoft took over Lionhead, in an attempt to save the first generation of Xbox, the one that sinned for an exaggerated price and size, in addition to a lousy marketing campaign.

This is how 'Fable chó fought to give him the glory that the original Xbox deserved, giving us a title with an unwritten story, putting us in the shoes of an orphan destined to become a legendary hero... or the most memorable of villains. This iconic launch achieved more than 1.5 million sales worldwide, reviving the original Xbox and setting the trend to relaunch old titles with all their DLCs, as well as editions that are special for other platforms.

The essence of a fable

Fable aba told us a brilliant story driven by the decision-making and actions of the players, created by one of the least skilled studios of the time, who surprisingly marked the way forward in the video game industry. Because it became synonymous with what an Xbox exclusive represents, and although its absence in the current generation is notorious, it is still one of the best franchises that was ever in the brand, starting with the delivery that It all started in 2004.

This first title of 'Fable' became a huge success for Lionhead and Microsoft, marking the creative leap from FPS to RPG genre, embarking on a journey through the lands of Albion, while becoming true heroes of a fantasy world. His idea was one of the most interesting and innovative in the industry, featuring an artistry and impressive image quality, combined with a simple story that progresses into a deep experience, where gamers decide their own destiny. This decision making became one of the most characteristic factors of this franchise, allowing 'Fable jugadores players to assume one role or another by accumulating points with certain actions, becoming the hero or villain of Albion.

Lionhead Studio crash

Sadly, not everything lasts forever, and the boom for 'Fable' and Lionhead Studio would not be the exception, something that was noted with the arrival of its third installment in 2011, the one that was loaded with creative errors and poor decisions by from its developers. But everything would get worse with what we once knew as Kinect, a product that Lionhead Studios defended through and through, the tragic result of which wiped out the studio's credibility and doomed its own saga to a pit in the video game industry.

This is how the name of Peter Molyneaux became a meme for players, added to the limitations that would lead him to leave the studio in 2012, resulting in his demise and the cancellation of 'Fable Legends', due to bad creative, advertising and financial decisions. All this was enough and left over for Microsoft to definitively close the studio, since there was nothing of creative value within the Lionhead team, leaving behind what once became a legend within the video game industry.

The return of 'Fable'

This is a delivery that did not meet the expectations of the green giant, providing the final blow to the already reeling Lionhead Studios, although many were rumored about their return, this time by the hand of Playground Games, creators of 'Forza Motorsport' and 'Forza Horizon'. But it would not be until a few days ago that we would become witnesses to its official return, revealing that Playground Games put its hands on the new installment of 'Fable', seeking to revive the great name of this great franchise of the RPG genre. This announcement was made in the Xbox Game Showcase, totally destined for the Xbox Series X catalog, unveiling the presentation trailer for 'Fable Legends', the one that will arrive soon before the Xbox Series X and PC players. For more latest game information, please visit our news page!