Fallout 76: Patch 20 offers new ways to get through the season

Jun-28-2020 | Categories: Fallout 76

After a solid reboot that was Fallout 76: Wastelanders, it is not surprising that Bethesda Game Studios became ambitious with Update 20. A recent developer announcement explains that Update 20 will feature legendary features, overall teams and the new event, " big problem ", along with the free season (The Legendary Run) and everything that comes with it.

Bethesda is also implementing a new scale of experience in line with the free season called S.C.O.R.E.

S.C.O.R.E. Just as they test points by completing public events, shooting at enemies, building a camp, or even daily nuclear winter challenges. The experience system allows players to rise quickly in the beginning, but as time goes on, it takes longer.

Bethesda posted all the potential rewards that come with the rankings in Fallout 76 season 1 - these range from customizing ghillie costumes to scrap groups to a few gold bars and atoms along the way. Seasonal rewards are limited to the season, but Bethesda stated that she is open to the idea of ??allowing players to get it in a different way.

The system is similar in many ways to the Battle Pass model that has become popular with Battle Royale games, but Bethesda has become more generous with free bonuses.

Atoms will be shortened on how much you can acquire in a session, but they will be performed on a subscription and can be assigned after completing age challenges. In addition, some lifetime challenges (Personality, Fighting, Social, Survival and World) will give the player new cosmetics, weapon skins, camp items, etc. instead of atoms.

150 atoms can be purchased by players for one season. Fifteen thousand atoms are enough to complete a subscription without ever working: about $ 100.

Bethesda is open to the idea that Fallout 1st members will receive special benefits in the future, but now they want to see how Season 1 works.

The subscription is free on June 30 and remains valid until mid-September. We will continue to provide you with more fallout 76 news.