Farming Dark Iron Residue in WoW Classic & SoD

If you're delving into reputation farming with the Thorium Brotherhood in either WoW Classic or the Season of Discovery, chances are you've stumbled upon Dark Iron Residue. Particularly, if you've ventured into Blackrock Depths, you likely have some of this residue taking up space in your bags. Fortunately, you can turn it in for Thorium Brotherhood reputation, provided you've achieved a specific reputation threshold.

Utilizing Dark Iron Residue

Dark Iron Residue serves a crucial role in the quest "Gaining Acceptance," which becomes repeatable once you attain Friendly reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood. This reputation grind involves turning in any Dark Iron Residue you've collected from your ventures in Blackrock Depths. You'll find the NPC, Master Smith Burninate, who handles these turn-ins, stationed at Thorium Point, precisely at coordinates [39, 28] within the Searing Gorge. However, it's essential to note that if you're still at a Neutral reputation status, you'll need to gather Incendosaur Scales (along with other materials) before you can partake in this turn-in.

Acquiring Dark Iron Residue

Dark Iron Residue drops from enemies within Blackrock Depths, with humanoid mobs showing a slightly higher propensity to drop them, as per information from the WoW database Wowhead. Blackrock Depths became accessible in the dungeon rotation during phase three of the Season of Discovery, previously being unavailable for entry. Now, adventurers can explore the depths of this dungeon and commence farming Dark Iron Residue.

Almost every mob within Blackrock Depths has a chance to drop Dark Iron Residue. Hence, as long as you're consistently running the dungeon for gear upgrades during phase three of the Season of Discovery, you'll naturally accumulate a stockpile of Dark Iron Residue alongside your other acquisitions.

So, whether you're seeking to boost your reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood in WoW Classic or WoW's Season of Discovery, farming Dark Iron Residue in Blackrock Depths proves to be a valuable endeavor, offering both reputation gains and potential loot.

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