FIFA 23: 89 Fantasy FUT Hero Di Natale Review

Mar-15-2023 | Categories: FIFA 23 Tag: cheap FIFA 23 Coins, Fut 23 Coins

89 Fantasy FUT Hero Di Natale Review- My new favorite ST!( and yes, I have used TOTY Benzema).

I bought Fantasy FUT Hero Di Natale and he's absolutely inconceivable! So much so that he is actually my new favorite ST, indeed over TOTY Benz! I used Finisher as my chem style, and I tested him in Div. 4 in Rivals, and he scored 15 pretensions in the matches i flash back playing with him( it was anywhere between 5- 8 I suppose)


Indeed in bad gameplay, his positioning was amazing. Always on the last man looking for a through ball, which is without a mistrustfulness supported by his High/ Low workrates.


Despite the big split( 94 Acceleration & 90 Sprint Speed) he feels absolutely rapid-fire. He has run past so numerous CBs that it is not indeed funny.


His Firing is fantastic . It's no easy task to score 15 pretensions in Div. 4, but he did it. His shot power, despite looking a bit low, was also amazing. He was just ripping shots from anywhere and scoring.


He feels absolutely amazing on the ball. veritably nippy and nimble, yet again, indeed in bad gameplay. He was laboriously getting around defenses with his dexterity. He also has the fugitive, utmost BS body type in the game, Short & spare-.


Not the stylish physically, but there is always commodity that makes up for it. His 83 stamina i did not notice because of his High/ Low workrates, and I did not notice his low strength because of his high Balance.

Fresh pros cons.

His Passing His end is amazing for a ST, so you can play him as a False 9 or a LW if you want.

4 */ 4 * I'm no 5 * snot, so I do not watch, but I do n’t suppose people are gon na want to pay 2mil for a 4 */ 4 *ST.

Overall Standing10/10.

Value for FUT 23 Coins For me, he is worth it despite being 4 */ 4 *, just because he is absolutely insane each across theboard.However, I largely recommend this card, If you have the cheap fifa 23 coins.