Final Fantasy XIV: Starter Edition is free on PS4 for a limited time

May-22-2020 | Categories: Final Fantasy

One of the MMORPGs that still holds the flag of the genre today, Final Fantasy XIV, will be free for PS4 users.

Players will be able to explore this impressive story freely on the Sony console, offering their Starter Edition without restriction for 30 days. A special promotion for a limited time.

This lasts until May 26 for console users, so they should rush to have it in their hands and enjoy the initial moments of the game, being able to access the first stage, A Realm Reborn.

Although it has been considered one of the weakest in the game compared to the content of its most recent expansions, it is necessary to progress in the game.

It is the stage that was born in 2013, when the daring to take one of its numbered chapters of the saga again and transform it into an MMORPG was considered crazy.

After the failure of his first attempt, Final Fantasy XI on PlayStation 2, repeating the same attempt to compete on the same terrain as World of Warcraft was not very well received.

It was the premiere of Stormblood, its second expansion, that made more players turn their eyes to FFXIV and, by giving it a chance, they became staunch fans.

Their numbers grew and their presence on social networks and streaming sites became more important. Thus becoming one of the most important alternatives to World of Warcraft and leaving behind its bad reputation.

Today he is quite well positioned in the genre and his ease of being able to play on multiple platforms gives him a great advantage over competitors who lack the support that Square Enix's work has.

If you have PlayStation 4 and have never played Final Fantasy XIV, this is the best time to discover this MMORPG, free of cost and with 30 days of possibilities ahead, it is an unmissable idea. If you need Final Fantasy XIV Gil, please click here!