‘GTA Online’ receives a new update with new content and discounts

Apr-02-2020 | Categories: GTA

The online mode of ‘GTA V’, ‘GTA Online‘ received a new update that, like all previous ones, is loaded with numerous content and discounts.

We will be able to enjoy discounts, bonuses, triple rewards and new vehicles such as the powerful Mammoth Avenger, which is available with a 60% discount. Another vehicle is the custom Ubermacht Zion Classic, which can be obtained as a reward from the roulette wheel of fortune.

The Mammoth Avenger is presented as a floating gunship fortress that has a vertical liftoff, and also functions as an experimental laboratory that generates collateral damage while progressing almost autonomously.

We will also get triple the money by participating in the Motor Wars mode, so the races will be very fruitful for those users who enter the mode and are victorious.

Many modifiers and discounts

But not everything will be discounts and low-cost vehicles. We will also be able to obtain modifiers and advantages in various vehicles, tanks, planes and jetpacks that will make our lives easier within the Rockstar Games title.

All installations can be purchased at a 50% discount, installation modifiers will be 60% off, and installation styles and graphics will also have substantial discounts.

On the other hand, Twitch Prime users who have linked their account with the Rockstar Games Social Club will also receive an additional 10% on all content.

There is no doubt that Rockstar Games knows how to keep alive a game that has been in the market for more than five years and is still positioned as one of the most acclaimed by the online community. In large part, thanks to the numerous updates that add new activities and challenges for all tastes.

‘GTA Online’ is available for free to all users who own a copy of ‘GTA V’ for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.