Guardian Armor-Stacker Unleashed: Navigating the Storms of Path of Exile's Affliction League

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Greetings, fellow Path of Exile enthusiasts! I bring you a fresh video on the Affliction league, focusing on an intriguing Guardian armor-stacker build. Initially, this build started as somewhat of a meme, but to my surprise, it evolved into something quite impressive. In this video, we'll delve into the details of this unique build, its mechanics, and how it handles challenges, particularly within the Uber Cirrus Arena.

As we navigate through the stormy weather in the Cirrus Arena, I want to highlight a distinctive aspect of this build. We're able to move within the storms, a feat made possible by a specific Pantheon choice and substantial energy shield regeneration. Standing still in the storm proves too dangerous, even with around 8,000 energy shield regen. The combination of Pantheon effects and high energy shield regen, reaching over 10,000 with full buffs, allows us to maneuver within the storms successfully.

Now, let's step out of the storm and discuss the build itself. This character is a Guardian playing as an armor-stacker. While Guardian might not be the go-to ascendancy for this type of build, I found its synergy with armor stacking intriguing. The decision to go with Guardian was influenced by the overpowering synergy of the Scion ascendancy, which grants 3% increased recovery rate of energy shield per aura. However, on Guardian, this effect becomes even more potent, offering 5% increased recovery rate per aura.

The build has its unique flair, with only a couple of other players experimenting with Guardian armor-stacker builds on platforms like PoE Ninja. One is pursuing a SST build, and another is exploring a Hate Forge build. Despite not being the conventional choice, Guardian's ascendancy provides additional benefits, including increased aura effect and the potential for enhanced energy shield recovery.

As we venture into the Path of Exile mechanics, it's crucial to understand the character's ability to withstand storms, especially those encountered in the Uber Cirrus fight. These storms, dealing significant physical damage, necessitate a specific Pantheon choice – the Soul of Arakaali with the 'Capture Arachnoxia' upgrade. This Pantheon offers 25% reduced physical damage taken over time while moving, enabling us to navigate through the storms safely.

The character showcases impressive energy shield regeneration, reaching approximately 10,000 in combat. This regeneration is influenced by various factors, such as consecrated ground, Smite Aura, and unique modifiers on gear. However, it's essential to note that standing still in the Uber Cirrus storms is not feasible due to the intense damage they inflict.

To demonstrate the build's prowess, we witness a smooth Uber Cirrus fight where the storms become a minor inconvenience. The character's ability to move within the storms accelerates the fight's phases, making it remarkably efficient. The key lies in the exceptional energy shield regeneration and the strategic use of Pantheon choices.

As we shift our focus to the downsides of this build, it's crucial to acknowledge the trade-offs made. While boasting an impressive 460 million DPS, it falls short compared to other ascendancies, such as Scion, which can achieve double the damage. However, the Guardian compensates with unparalleled energy shield regeneration, creating a unique playstyle.

Several considerations are made to address challenges. The lack of stun immunity is mitigated by sacrificing a flask suffix for a chance to avoid being stunned during its effect. Additionally, strength requirements pose a challenge, leading to creative solutions like using strength-boosting jewels to meet gem requirements.

For those intrigued by this Guardian armor-stacker build, a budget-friendly version is provided,this doesn't cost too much Path of Exile currency. While untested by the creator, it offers a glimpse into a more accessible entry point for those eager to experiment with this unique playstyle. Keep in mind that this budget version comes with its own set of limitations and might not match the performance of the fully optimized build.

In conclusion, the Guardian armor-stacker proves to be an engaging and resilient choice for Path of Exile players seeking a distinctive gameplay experience. The balance between DPS and energy shield regeneration makes it a viable option, especially for those looking to challenge conventional wisdom in character building. As we explore the possibilities within Path of Exile, remember to adapt and experiment, finding joy in uncovering unorthodox but effective strategies.

That wraps up our exploration of this Guardian armor-stacker build in Path of Exile's Affliction league. Whether you choose to embrace its unique mechanics or draw inspiration for your builds, may your journey through Wraeclast be filled with thrilling encounters and satisfying victories. Until next time, exiles!

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