​How much gold did you buy to get Dual Warglaives

How many gold coins did you spend to buy Dual Warglaives? Some people are going to scream at me for mentioning this, but let's get honest What percentage of people who play TBC Classic right now with dual warglaives have you thought have them in a reasonable way?

GDKP makes people buy gold to boost up their toons. It is nothing more than a factor in botting, boosting, and gold buying as people today are obsessed with gaining recognition and attention from other people and showing everyone else that they're better than them.

Warglaives were always the most stunning weapons in WoW and even today, they're still among the most stunning weapons and incredible collectors' items.

Now that we're playing TBC once more, people are getting excited to acquire dual warglaives as they feel like they're superior over everyone else.

I think the majority of players who are currently playing and have dual warglaives did not acquire the weapons in a fair manner and also bought gold to purchase them from the GDKP's at insane price. Be angry and call me a fool however you want. This is how people act nowadays, or perhaps I would say, how they have always been for a long time.

Like in real life, a large majority of rich or famous individuals never earned anything legally, and they used devious schemes and engaged in illegal activities to get to where they are today yet everyone overlooks the issue, the media suppresses it, and everybody accepts it as normal and no real justification or punishment are given to these people, and they are able to enjoy their lives happily ever after.

Oh humanity, what horrible creatures, aren't we?

I can't wait for the 'Gearscore' and "Link Achievement' crazes to return in WotLK Classic and GDKP added on top of the whole. It's the most toxic of all. Wrath was at the peak in WoWs popularity and player base and I am sorry for everyone looking to play Wrath for the second time and discover that the game has turned into an unintentional hub for gold buyers and sellers RWT, the elitist minmax-minded players. WoW is in fact gone at this point. The game is useless Classic is nothing more than botting, boosting, wow tbc gold, RWT and GDKP. the heart of the game was lost back in cataclysm. The game also began to become overloaded with shop items such as mounts, pets and more. To make more cash off their dying sport.