I've been immersing myself in New World

Nov-14-2023 | Categories: New World Tag: New World, New World Gold, New World Coins

I've been immersing myself in New World for approximately six weeks now, dedicating the last 2-3 weeks to running expeditions at level M3. What has become increasingly apparent to me is that the dungeons, particularly the bosses and their phases, are often overly simplistic. The primary obstacles to conquering a boss are not the intricate mechanics they employ, but rather the inadequacy of equipment for M3 or insufficient damage output.

Ideally, the challenge in the game should stem from mastering boss mechanics and fostering teamwork, rather than mindlessly hammering away at a target in a race against time. Among the bosses, Ennead stands out for its exceptional design, as well as Nerrid from BnB. These encounters necessitate genuine cooperation and demand constant evasion and coordination. In essence, the game lacks mechanics that truly test your skills or necessitate collaborative effort. Without these New World gold & items rewarding boss encounters, expeditions risk becoming dull and repetitive. In nearly 90% of cases, a tank can remain stationary without the need to reposition, while healers are primarily focused on the tank, as damage dealers rarely need to evade dungeon mechanics.

Do you also share the sentiment that dungeons should be enhanced in difficulty? Strengthening the challenge in M3 expeditions would make them more rewarding, discouraging casual players with mediocre gear from effortlessly acquiring the best-in-slot items.

Regrettably, it appears the game has shifted its emphasis towards gear checks rather than intricate mechanics.

One of the most disheartening aspects of my return to the game was the significant nerf to the first boss in Laz. This boss, once a source of exhilarating encounters, now stands nearly idle. It's especially disappointing, considering how challenging and engaging it used to be, with voidbent teams struggling while our group consistently excelled.

Genesis boss, on the other hand, has maintained its status quo. Although it primarily serves as a DPS check, it does offer a more engaging experience with a focus on evasion.

The latest instance was a profound letdown for me. The mechanics felt uninspired and the interaction elements lacked depth, which falls short of engaging game design for boss battles. The game could draw inspiration from Lost Ark raids, aiming for smart, intriguing mechanics that are engaging to play repeatedly. I'm not advocating for overly complex encounters with numerous wipe mechanics, but encounters akin to Valtan, which other games have successfully replicated, provide an excellent balance of challenge and engagement.