​Jagex blocks the arrival of the famous Runescape Mod Runelite HD

Sep-08-2021 | Categories: runescape

Runelite HD is a mod (made by one individual, 117) that takes Old School RuneScape and gives it a makeover in HD.

As right on time as 2018, Jagex was giving lawful dangers against mods like this, guaranteeing they were copyright encroachment, however they appeared to have vanished when Jagex gave his approval to the first Runelite.

In any case, recently, only hours before the updated adaptation of Runelite HD was expected to be formally delivered, Jagex reached 117, requesting that work be halted and the rendition dropped. This time, in any case, it isn't because of copyright claims, yet rather in light of the fact that Jagex says they are doing their own HD update.

In an assertion posted on the game's site, Jagex says:

In this blog we might want to explain our situation on outsider HD customers (and different tasks that try to drastically change the visual appearance of the game). We realize you have a great deal of inquiries regarding them and we think this will give you all the clearness we need.

Recently we reached realized HD project designers and requested that they quit fostering their ventures, since this is a task that we are exploring straightforwardly at Jagex. We anticipate sharing advancement as our own in-house project unfurls with Old School Images.

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While that sounds sort of reasonable from the beginning, there's a major issue, as Runelite HD doesn't really appear to break any of Jagex's modding rules, and the organization says the new rules that clarify the way that Runelite HD really breaks their rules are being delivered one week from now.

Fans justifiably think this is staggeringly somber and have begun to organize an in-game dissent:

The maker of mod 117 says they attempted to think twice about Jagex, in any event, presenting to eliminate his mod once the endeavor had finished and delivered their own endeavors, yet they "totally declined", obviously spelling the finish of an undertaking that had devoured "generally over 2000 hours of work during two years ".

September 6, 2021, RuneLite HD would have been delivered. The code had been surveyed and the bugs had been fixed - it was all set. You would have been playing with him at the present time. Notwithstanding, past the point of no return, Jagex reached me to request me to eliminate it in light from the uncover that they had a graphical improvement project with a comparable subject that is "moderately right off the bat in the investigation stages."

I offered a promise to eliminate my task from RuneLite once they are prepared to distribute theirs, just as permitting them communitarian command over the visual bearing of my venture. They straight declined.

So it appears to be this is the end. Around 2000 hours of labor for a very long time. A great deal of help from every one of you. I would never have envisioned the predominantly certain reaction I have had to this task.

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