​Lineage 2M: Exploring the Palace of Learning and Hunting Grounds

Jul-12-2023 | Categories: Lineage 2M Tag: Lineage 2M Diamonds, Buy Lineage 2M Diamonds

Lineage 2M is a popular online role-playing game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. With its vast virtual world, exciting gameplay mechanics, and stunning graphics, Lineage 2M offers a unique and immersive gaming experience. In this article, we will delve into the adventures of Tiyong, an avid player who has been exploring the Palace of Learning and the hunting grounds.

The Palace of Learning and the Thrill of Hunting

Tiyong, an experienced player, has been venturing into the Palace of Learning recently. Despite the usual hunting grounds being relatively quiet, Tiyong decided to give the Palace a try. To their delight, they discovered an abundance of fellow hunters and a better taste for the hunting experience. The Palace provided ample opportunities for hunting and rewarded Tiyong with generous experience points, making it an enjoyable and fruitful endeavor.

Mastering Skills and Equipment

During their hunting expeditions, Tiyong realized the effectiveness of the "guillotine" skill, which proved to be a game-changer in battles. Tiyong's healing abilities, with an impressive cooldown of only 8 seconds, allowed them to endure prolonged encounters with formidable foes. Tiyong's progress without spending in-game currency showcased their dedication and skillful gameplay.

Valuable Items and the Marketplace

While exploring the general district and hunting grounds, Tiyong stumbled upon several valuable items. The Divinity Enchantment Order for weapons, priced at around 700 diamonds, caught their attention. High-level magic stones, however, were relatively scarce. Tiyong also encountered boots and gloves, such as Pline's Wolyeong boots, Golem's boots, Myeongbulmok boots, and gloves Wolyeong boots, which were in high demand, costing approximately a thousand Lineage 2M Diamonds each. The decision to sell or keep these items became a critical consideration for Tiyong.

The Oracle Knight and Grace Quests

Tiyong embarked on a journey to the Oracle Knight, who held the Bronze Key chief in the village. Acquiring the Golden Key Box from the Oracle Knight became an objective. While the bronze statue was not deemed essential, the magic stone grace necklace was considered a worthwhile investment. Tiyong discovered that grace quests offered substantial rewards and made sure to complete them promptly. These quests not only provided valuable items but also boosted Tiyong's progress, making them a vital aspect of gameplay.

Challenges and Gameplay Enhancements

As Tiyong advanced in the game, they faced increased difficulty in progressing further. The requirement for a specification upgrade and higher-level hunting grounds became apparent. Tiyong's dedication and commitment to improving their character were evident as they strategized to overcome these challenges. Despite encountering hurdles, Tiyong found solace in the game's impressive graphics, reminiscent of the classic Lineage franchise, which added to the overall enjoyment and comfort of gameplay.

The Future of Lineage 2M

While Tiyong had become accustomed to Lineage and Lineage 2M, they expressed slight discomfort in fully transitioning to the latter. Tiyong noticed that Lineage 2M's player base seemed to have diminished, and some players had moved on to other games. They speculated that better events and unique features could potentially attract more players and reinvigorate the community. Tiyong voiced a desire for improvements and hoped that the developers would address the game's current state to sustain player interest.


Lineage 2M offers a captivating gaming experience with its expansive world, engaging gameplay mechanics, and stunning graphics. Tiyong's adventures in the Palace of Learning and hunting grounds exemplify the thrill and rewards that await players. As Lineage 2M evolves, it faces the challenge of retaining and attracting new players. By addressing player concerns, introducing exciting events, and offering unique features, Lineage 2M can continue to flourish and provide countless hours of enjoyment for its dedicated player base.