​Lost Ark: All West Luterra Hidden Story Locations

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Finding Hidden Stories in Lost Ark is undeniably something beyond collectible hunting. Finishing up these side stories in your Adventurer's Tome not just combines with a landmass' consummation, conceding extra rewards, yet each Hidden Story you find adds to your Virtue Stats.

These details, like Charisma, Wisdom, Kindness, or Courage, are fundamental for stepping up with specific Rapport NPCs. Meeting these Virtue Stat prerequisites with specific Rapport NPCs can likewise open totally different missions and different prizes. While West Luterra is quite possibly the earliest landmass you'll go over in Lost Ark, its Hidden Stories are the absolute lengthiest to find. This is the way to track down them.

7. What Makes A Hero

What Makes A Hero dives into the experiences of the incredible vendor, Lynnis of Lakebar, who ventured over his station to help in the Chain War.

What Makes A Hero Hidden Story Locations

There are four parts of the What Makes A Hero Hidden Story, the first can be found in Lakebar. From the Triport, travel north and simply past Evien the General Merchant NPC. You will track down the principal note in what gives off an impression of being an orange tree.

From that point, make a beeline for Medrick Monastery, and go east from the Triport, embracing the divider. In a niche just to one side of the stone sculptures, the subsequent note sits on the floor.

Your third piece is in Bilbrin Forest. Begin at the Grayhammer Mine Triport and advance east. Head into the principal southern niche you go over and into the little town with Toibonen. In the southernmost niche, to one side of a carriage loaded up with sacks of grain, Lynnis' journal can be found.

What Makes A Hero closes in Battlebounds Plains. Beginning from the Front Outpost Triport, travel upper east past all the Insane Elementals. Lynnis' last note can be found among a few red blossoms developing underneath a rough outcrop not long before the landbridge to Flamecliff Fortress.

6. Lost Letter

This Hidden Story tells the miserable story of a departed mother who passed on cherishing letters for her little girl to find in Bilbrin Forest.

Lost Letter Hidden Story Locations

Your most memorable Hidden Story piece can be found in similar Bilbrin Forest town as one of Lynnis' letters. In a southern alcove saw as toward the east of the Grayhammer Mine Triport, you can track down NPCs Toibonen, Jenkin, and Hobbes. Go on past Hobbes to track down the main Lost Letter in a bushel of lavender.

Then, go to the Spring Refugee Outpost Triport, and from here advance southeast to a branch-off loaded up with ruins and Foolish Rakunis. Only north of the Vista around here, the last Lost Letter is lying on the open ground.

5. Knight's Oath

While Meehan is surely not the most enchanting of NPC characters, this Hidden Story shows the healthy history behind his reliability to Thirain.

Go to Zagoras Fortress in Mount Zagoras. From the Triport, go on past the well and up the steps. To one side, you will discover some framework, and among the barrel and containers is Meehan's journal, enumerating the day youthful Thirain dominated him in a duel and requested that Meehan become his knight.

4. The Tiger Of Bilbrin

This next Hidden Story is interesting not on the grounds that the area is challenging to track down, but since it sits right underneath a world chief.

Make a beeline for the Grayhammer Mine Triport in Bilbrin Forest and travel east. In the principal northern niche you go over, you can track down the world manager Rovlen. While it's a level 25 beast, it likewise has 23 wellbeing bars, making it a trudge to slice through even at a higher player level. On the off chance that you can stay away from its AOE assaults, killing Rovlen will uncover a Hidden Story journal passage underneath it from one of Cassleford's men.

3. Official's Donkey Ears

It is a little horrifying, yet the Regent's Donkey Ears Hidden Story can be situated in Battlebound Plains. It appears to be a reviling voice can be heard nearby.

Go from the Flamecliff Fortress Triport just toward the southeast, keeping along the southern coast. In a little niche right by the lake, where you can likewise find the Hellhound of Obscured Chaos, there is a clay pot. Tapping on it uncovers that there is the voice of the executed Enplotte comes from inside, reviling out his supervisor Scherrit.

2. Well Ghost Story

The Well Ghost Story Hidden Story may be somewhat longer to assemble, however make certain to carry your tissues with you.

Well Ghost Story Hidden Story Locations

As the name proposes, the main piece of this Hidden Story is found by the well in Zagoras Fortress. Examining this spot uncovers the story of a the fighter apparition of a lady by the well one evening. His kindred warriors excuse him, demanding it probably been the elixir shipper.

It just appears to be legit that the following piece is additionally found in Zagoras Fortress, this time underneath the speculative chemistry workstation just beneath the Potion Merchant Erme. This note uncovers that after the fighter addressed Erme, it turned out to be clear the lady by the very much was not her. At the point when the officer saw the apparition again the following evening, he followed her into the Eastern Ruins.

From the Eastern Ruins Triport, go a little toward the east and afterward up into a recess with two guns, a shut door, and what seems, by all accounts, to be a puddle of blood among the rubble. Lying in the rubble is a human skull. Cooperating with it conveys the last touch of this Hidden Story.

1. Skillful deception

The last Hidden Story in West Luterra is somewhat of a humdinger, however fortunately every one of its parts can be found in a similar spot: the Grayhammer Mine Dungeon in Bilbrin Forest.

Skillful deception Hidden Story Locations

Your most memorable part of the Sleight of Hand story is found right by the prison entrance, to one side of a heap of cartons and barrels. The journal section is from a joke artist who plans to outmaneuver the players among Regent Sherrit's attendants.

Clear your path through the mine and down the mine lift. Subsequent to overcoming every one of the scoundrels and Darkness Cragoliths before the entryway, obliterate the framework in the south of this area to uncover the second Hidden Story piece. This note appears to uncover that the joke artist was trapped in the demonstration.

The following three pieces can be found subsequent to taking the minecart that conveys you to the final part of the prison. Subsequent to arriving at the locked quarry entryway around here and overcoming Blood Mage Boun, you can find the third part behind the contorted three in the west piece of the niche, underneath a few red flags.

The fourth part is toward the north of this niche, concealed among some brier along the eastern stone divider. You can likewise find a Mokoko Seed got into an entryway at the actual top of this area!

In conclusion, the Hidden Story closes with the pit fire toward the east of this little region. To one side of it lies a singed cadaver that can be explored. However, is it the body of the comedian, or the speculator he deceived?

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