​Lost Ark: Best Gunslinger Build

Jan-08-2023 | Categories: Lost Ark

Gunslinger is very energizing to use in Lost Ark and here's the best build for them.

In Lost Ark, the Gunslinger is a ranged class that depends on three unique firearms as her weapons. She is an advanced class of the Heavy weapons specialist class. Her versatility separates her from the rest. Players can create a fantastically deadly force when they plan the right build for their Gunslinger.

Once players reach the endgame in Lost Ark, it's essential that they pick the right engravings and skills while focusing on the right stats to guarantee they capitalize on their Gunslinger. Choosing the wrong options will leave them passing up a portion of this class' best features. They'll have to construct their build around the Gunslinger's personality skill. Here's beginning and end to be familiar with the best build for the Gunslinger.

Choosing The Best Skills For The Gunslinger

Because she has three unique weapons, the Gunslinger has several distinct sorts of skills to browse. The player will want to capitalize on the abilities of each weapon, guaranteeing they can utilize them when they're generally needed. Once the player learns how to switch easily between the three weapons, contingent upon the situation, it will be a breeze to know which skill is ideal for the occasion.

Choosing The Best Engravings

Skills aren't the only thing that make up a magnificent build. Players will also have to pick the best engravings to accentuate their Legend's attributes and abilities. As with all classes, the Gunslinger has two class engravings to browse. For this build, the focus is on utilizing Peacemaker. Dissimilar to the alternative, it is profoundly versatile and allows for the utilization of all three weapons equally. The player will partake in a lift to attack speed with their pistols, damage from their rifle, and crit rate of their shotgun.

The regular engravings that are an unquestionable necessity for this build incorporate the accompanying:

Sharp Unpolished Weapon: increases the potential for Crit damage by up to +50% yet there is the potential for the weapon to deal - 20% damage.

Reviled Doll: It is prescribed not to utilize this engraving until it is at level 3 to get the most advantage from it. It will decrease healing ability (natural healing prohibited) by - 25%, while increasing attack power by up to +16%.

Resentment: it is prescribed not to utilize this engraving until it is at level 3 to get the most advantage from it. It will increase approaching damage by +20%; be that as it may, it will also increase active damage by up to +20%.

Hit Master: For attacks that are not back or frontal, the damage is increased by up to +16%. This won't chip away at Awakening Skills.

Adrenaline: attack power will be increased by up to +1% for 6 seconds following the utilization of skills. It can stack up to multiple times, so, all in all the Crit rate will increase by +10%.

Stats To Focus On For The Gunslinger

The two combat stats that are essential to the Gunslinger with the Peacemaker build are Crit and Specialization. Crit offers the player an elevation in the DPS of their skills. It's phenomenal when joined with Sharp Unpolished Weapon.

Specialization increases all three weapon stances' damage monumentally. They'll get the most advantage to the rifle and shotgun stances. They ought to focus on increases to the stats so they are essentially 2:1 in point spread with Crit being the primary focus.

Alterations To Skill Lineup Needed For PVP

The Gunslinger will require a few alterations to her skills for PVP. While technically a ranged class, she has an advantage that she can switch between jobs, evading in and out as needed to draw nearer to her foes.

Stats To Focus On For A PVP Build

The player will also have to tweak their stat focus a little while altering their build for PVP. There are two options they can browse. The first is improving Quickness followed by Specialization. This will allow them to have better jab damage. The Gunslinger will be even faster on her feet and have more focus on her abilities.

The second option is to focus on Quickness first and Domination second. This pair will expand her combination abilities, making her a genuine force to be reckoned with.

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