​Lost Ark: Best Summoner Build

Jan-04-2023 | Categories: Lost Ark

The Summoner is a precarious class to dominate in Lost Ark, yet she can be exceptionally strong in the possession of the right player.

Lost Ark offers a wide range of classes for players to browse, including the recently added Summoner. This new high level class is a kind of mage that brings essential spirits to battle for her. She additionally approaches strong earth, lightning, and water spells that unleash destruction on foes. Be that as it may, the Summoner class isn't ideal for everybody. She is delicate, exceptionally sluggish contrasted with different classes, and hard to dominate.

The Summoner offers amazing portability with went choices and high harm for consistency and burst. Every last bit of her spells have an AoE part, permitting her to clear out whole crowds with one cast much of the time. Giving the Summoner the best build conceivable will assist with neutralizing her negative perspectives, making her an awe-inspiring phenomenon in Lost Ark.

Best Abilities For The Summoner

The best game plan is to pick the Expert Summoner Build. For attacks, players will get the greatest adaptability conceivable out of their Summoner and have predictable burst harm. The main issue with this build is that it tends to be profoundly stationary and trying for certain players.

While different choices can demonstrate simpler to make due, they won't offer a similar in harm yield. The Expert Summoner is the inclined toward choice by numerous players hence. There are explicit abilities and stands for these abilities that will make this build the best.


For the Summoner, Shurdi is a little light natural. She can gather this natural, and it will move with her for 20 seconds. As it moves with her, it makes 130 harm close by foes.


The Elcid expertise brings two lily elementals, or Elcids. They will zoom around for 10 seconds, going after any close by foes. They bargain 36 harm with essential assaults.

Water Natural

The Water Natural expertise permits the player to call a water essential. This natural will incur water harm on the foes throughout 2 seconds.

Tacky Greenery Bog

With this expertise, the player can bring a tacky, overgrown marsh to help them. It requires 0.5 seconds to produce and will keep going for 5 seconds, incurring 26 harm for foes consistently. It likewise diminishes adversaries' move speed by - 60% for 2 seconds.

Electric Tempest

Electric Tempest is an expertise for players who need to make gigantic harm among the positions of their foes. It concentrates energy throughout the span of 1.5 seconds, then, at that point, releases it for 5 seconds in a flood of 10 hits, causing lightning harm. It sneaks up all of a sudden with 981 harm.

Earth Breakdown

For enormous earth harm, players will require Earth Breakdown in their Summoner's weapons store. This expertise will call a seismic tremor in the objective region that sends adversaries flying, causing 441 earth harm.

Horse Charge

With Horse Charge, supernatural energy is gathered as a pony. This call will cause 143 harm as it assaults adversaries, sending them flying through the air.

Streak Blast

Streak Blast makes a dense impact of energy that is sent at the picked target area. It will cause 176 harm.

Best Inscriptions For The Summoner

To finish the best build for the Summoner, players should guarantee they utilize the legitimate etchings. When their Summoner arrives at level 50, they should prepare these etchings to finish the build. From the class-explicit choices, they should pick the Expert Summoner etching, which lessens the expense of basic projectiles and increments harm and crit probabilities.

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