​Lost Ark Lush Reed Island: Location, Token, And All Mokoko Seeds

Apr-11-2022 | Categories: Lost Ark

Lost Ark Lush Reed Island is an unquestionable requirement on your in-game plan for the day, since it has various essential elements. It's one of numerous island in Lost Ark that you can visit at whatever point they are open and take an interest in unambiguous missions. Rich Reed Island isn't just an undertaking island where you can confront different players in PvP to acquire its token yet in addition where you should visit if you have any desire to get every one of the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds. So assuming you are keen on going to Lost Ark Lush Reed Island, here is all you want to be aware.

In the wake of arriving at character level 50 and thing level 250, you can go to Lush Reed Island. It is found upper east of Pleccia where you should utilize Lost Ark boats to reach. When you draw nearer, the crossed-cutting edges image is simpler to distinguish. In any case, realizing its area isn't to the point of docking on the island.

The experience islands follow the timetable of Procyon's Compass and are just open for a short period during the week. You ought to constantly look at the rundown of islands that you can go to by squeezing the little compass underneath the minimap. There is additionally the choice of setting an alert for the occasions, so you head to the area before the Lush Reed island shows up.

On each island in Lost Ark, you can get explicit tokens. How should be procured an island's token is different for each situation, as in Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island where you really want to finish a few missions. Then again, Lost Ark Lush Reed Island offers two techniques for players to get its token.

After the primary player enters the island, the PvP rivalry will begin. It is a wide open match and each kill is worth 10 focuses while a help is 5 focuses. The match closes when 1000 focuses are achieved. The main three players with the most kills in their sack will procure 20,000, 15,000, and 10,000 silver from first to the third position. Regardless of whether your numbers are not unreasonably high, you don't have to stress. All players that have no less than 30 focuses will acquire 2000 silver.

Simultaneously, you could have the most noteworthy kill count, yet it isn't sure that the symbolic will drop. To build your opportunity to get the collectible is to open the chests. Nonetheless, not just all players are informed that you are attempting to do as such, however directing to open them takes some time, leaving you powerless. You ought to likewise utilize the vegetation to stow away from different players and shock them.

Lost Ark Lush Reed Island isn't just about the PvP and the token. It has five of the popular Mokoko Seeds on the island. Three of them are spread on the left half of the guide, close to the edges. The other two are at the far east behind a door. To open it, you should utilize the tune Forest's Minuet and Lost Ark Gold purchased from MMOexp that you can get in the Lost Ark Lullaby Island.