​Lost Ark servers down for maintenance again to fix fresh event exploit

Nov-17-2022 | Categories: Lost Ark Tag: buy Lost Ark Gold, cheap Lost Ark Gold

Smilegate has brought the Lost Ark servers down for maintenance again, this chance to address a Closeout House bug and extreme awards from an event in the ARPG.

In the thing has been a common pattern recently, the Lost Ark servers are down for crisis maintenance by and by as Smilegate looks to determine two issues with hotfixes for the RPG game. The Lost Ark server status has been in steady transition for the beyond couple of days, with a few episodes of maintenance as updates intended to fix specific issues apparently present different issues. The earlier update tended to a Lost Ark Pheons exploit, leaving a few players who enjoyed taken benefit of the error with a negative money balance in the dream game that is apparently bringing further hardship.

Lost Ark people group chief Roxx says that the servers are down for a crisis hotfix to resolve two separate issues. The first of these is that players with negative Pheons following the new update can't utilize the in-game Sales management firm, which they say isn't deliberate. The second is a newfound exploit making the continuous Hyper Express Event award "an over the top and accidental measure of epic etching recipe across the board chests."

This Lost Ark server maintenance begins on November 17 at 12am PT/3am ET/8am GMT/9am CET. As of the hour of composing, local area supervisor Sandovall reports that the maintenance period is finished and servers ought to be back on the web. That's what roxx says, following this maintenance, "players with negative Pheons will actually want to buy things from the Closeout House not surprisingly."

The legendary etching recipe across the board chests have been acclimated to the planned amount of 40 recipes, yet the actual recipes will be inaccessible for use until the following server downtime, during which any unopened chests in players' inventories because of the issue will be recovered, in spite of the fact that Roxx takes note of that "progress produced using utilized Etching recipes and recipes from open chests won't be eliminated."

A few clients remark that specific players who had the option to exploit the event while it was at first dynamic have gotten upwards of 800 legendary etching books - assessed at 20k - 40k gold in total worth. It's unquestionably a disappointing time for players, whether they were straightforwardly impacted by these issues or they essentially needed to play a game that continues to go disconnected to determine issues, just to spark new ones. Ideally this update is the rearward in the chain for now, and players can return to their stuff grind.

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