​Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Port Krona

Jul-18-2022 | Categories: Lost Ark

Port Krona is where you land when you initially show up at the North Vern mainland of Lost Ark. It has a natural vibe, at first having similar energy and looks as Luterra. Bunches of dark stone ground surface, brilliant enhancement, and lavish vegetation. What's more, there's likewise that recognizable fragrance of mokoko seeds.

Furthermore, the smell couldn't be a lot more grounded, as Port Krona has an incredible harvest of 12 seeds spread around the actual port and the encompassing region. A few seeds around are in precarious or secret spots, yet they're all generally simple to get to once you know how. In the event that you don't, read on for all the data you want.

Mokoko Seeds One And Two - The Ruined Port

You might require a little persistence for the initial two, as there's a component of timing included. Go right out across the dock way traveling west to the Ruined Port (past the Port vista area). Toward the finish of the way, follow the impasse way north. Not long before the end, you'll see a stepping stool going up to a pinnacle on the left half of the way. Stand by here until a NPC with blue hair comes and stands close to it. As of now, a trip bolt will show up. Go to the highest point of the chime tower, where you'll find two mokoko seeds - one on one or the other side of the ringer on the pinnacle's northern edge.

Mokoko Seed Three - The Southern Fishing Spot

Presently proceed to the furthest limit of the way traveling south through the Ruined Port, until the last fork that takes you toward the southern fishing spot. Rather than taking the south fork, go southwest onto the ocean side. You'll find the third seed directly down on the water's edge, concealed for certain shells simply past some disposed of wood and old netting.

Mokoko Seeds Four And Five - The Secret Terrace

These next two are likewise somewhat precarious to get to. Go to the Central Port Triport, travel east, then along the meager way that heads first north and afterward south. You'll come to a short however extremely wide arrangement of stone advances traveling east. Walk mostly up them embracing the southern handrail and trust that a kid will stroll down the means. They'll stop mostly down - and when they do, a leap spot will momentarily show up. Immediately use it to bounce down to the little patio beneath. In it, you'll find two mokokos, marginally concealed by a covering close to a red table. There's a long-lasting leap spot out, so getting ease off the terrace is simple.

Mokoko Seed Six - The Open Seas Portal

Head straightforwardly down to the harbors and walk west towards the Open Seas entry. On the north side of the way, you'll see Ocean Liner Embarkation NPC Riff, remaining close to certain containers and mesh. Simply behind him, close to the stone railing, is your next mokoko seed.

Mokoko Seed Seven - Downtown Port Krona

Work your direction east and along the southern way into Downtown Port Krona. You'll show up in a little park, which you leave upper east. There's a T-intersection simply past it, at which you ought to head right (south) and down certain means. You'll see several ponies to one side of another stone flight of stairs. The seventh seed is simply past the ponies on the bluff edge, mostly clouded by the palm trees developing there.

Mokoko Seed Eight - North Of Town

From the seventh mokoko, go straightforwardly north away from Downtown Port Krona by the easternmost pathway. You'll ultimately need to turn westwards at a house, across a little stone scaffold over a little stream. Simply on the opposite side of the scaffold, you'll see a house on the north side of the way. There's a mokoko seed right by the home's front entryway, on the right close to an enormous red pot and a post box.

Mokoko Seed Nine - Port Entrance Triport

Continue to travel west away, past the Port Entrance Triport. Right at the triport there's a little niche on the left of the way to the left of NPC Cora. Go past the hatchet in the tree stump and squarely into the corner, in the foliage by the edge of the precipice, to track down the following seed.

Mokoko Seed Ten - Towards Rania Village

Assuming you were entering Port Krona from the Rania Village gateway, promptly take the southwest-confronting fork. Keep toward the west side of the way, and you'll see a little round stone pinnacle. Simply past it, at the foundation of a tree, you'll see the 10th mokoko on display on the grass.

Mokoko Seed Eleven - Krona Forest

Magically transport across to the Guard Post Triport and leave the region by the center of the three ways traveling east, with a little stone pinnacle to your left side as you stroll past. As you enter Krona Forest, follow the primary way north past the Magick Society Apprentices and Professor Seneese. As that wide way begins to turn east, adhere to its southern side. There's a seed in the grass as you pass the huge stone, similarly as you get to three silver reindeer.

Mokoko Seed Twelve - South Of Guard Post Triport

From the Guard Post Triport, head past the gatekeepers down the southeast way. Go right (south) at the fork into the little region past, keeping toward the northern edge and working around it anticlockwise. Simply past the steady, before a feed bundle, you'll find the last mokoko seed of Port Krona.

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