​Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed in Xeneela Ruins

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Things take a bleak edge when you enter the Xeneela ruins area of Lost Ark. After the vivid and cheery beginning to the Rohendel mainland, obviously things are beginning to get serious at this point. Be that as it may, the constant flow of mokoko seeds isn't dialing back, with one more nine to be tracked down spread across this far reaching map.

You won't require any brew for these, however the likely now natural Rohendel figures of speech are generally on show. You'll have to have taken in the Song of Eternity printed music (got when you hit 60% finish of your Adventurer's book) to get to three of the seeds, this time by moving rocks. You'll likewise have to have arrived at 250 Kindness and made the Ether Essence additionally expected for your book.

Mokoko Seed One - Xeneela Entrance

Assuming you enter Xeneela Ruins from the Breezesome Brae gateway, work your direction initial west and afterward south into the primary Sylvain settlement.

Head directly into its southern corner, past Repairer NPC Iker, to find your first mokoko seed in clear sight on the ground before certain containers, right external a green tent.

Mokoko Seed Two - South Of Bambiri Village

Travel west from the settlement towards the Bambiri Village, yet at the fork, rather follow the left-hand way towards Celestial Plaza.

Adhere to one side (south side) of the fork, and you'll before long come to a wooden pier going south. Make a beeline for a round stage with a round cottage in the center. Assuming you have 250 Kindness, you'll be welcomed by the anonymous NPCs here and have the option to enter the cabin to find your next mokoko. Any other way, you'll have to return some other time when you've finished more caring demonstrations.

Mokoko Seeds Three And Four - Celestial Plaza

Leave the wharf and proceed with your excursion southwest. Adhere to one side (northern edge) of this wide way yet disregard the two ways traveling north.

Just past the second, more modest northern way, you'll come to a few anonymous NPCs utilizing their magick to move the rubble here. On the bluff edge is a gigantic round dark stone. Play the Song of Eternity here to make it quickly vanish, uncovering your third mokoko seed.

Presently head back east a short way and follow the northern way down the incline. At the base, turn left and embrace the southern edge of this area until you're essentially beneath where you just tracked down the last seed. You'll see two bits of connectable, drifting ground surface. Obliterate them and step into the space they were in to uncover an examination symbol - and your next mokoko. Assuming you're slow, the ground surface can return and trap you - however you basically have to obliterate it once more.

Mokoko Seeds Five To Seven - Moonkeep

Travel north out of the destroyed Celestial Plaza and up to the Moonkeep. Stroll over to where Storage Keep NPC Tasel remains, to one side of the keep entrance before a fell structure. Watch Mishal stands simply over her - and behind the gatekeeper, clouded by the top of the structure, you'll track down another seed.

Walk somewhat way north, just to one side of the entry to the keep. On the edge of the precipice in the corner, you'll see another goliath dark rock. Yet again play the Song of Eternity, and the 6th mokoko seed of Xeneela Ruins will be uncovered under.

Presently enter the Moonkeep itself. Turn right once inside and follow the messed up way as it heads over to the left and to the lift down. Take the lift to the storm cellar and walk south, into the southeast corner of the room. A huge shelf has imploded and fallen. Wrapped up behind the finish of this cabinet is another mokoko.

Mokoko Seed Eight - Magick Epicenter

Assuming you opened up the Contaminated Village Triport, head around there now - any other way, you'll need to work your direction across to the Blast Zone either by leaving Moonkeep northwest and utilizing the lifts - or leave it southwest and follow the way the long way. Assuming you're at the Contaminated Village, pass on it toward the west and utilize the lift that enters the Blast Zone.

Go south, keeping toward the eastern edge of the guide. You'll get to a place where the way diminishes as it goes somewhat southwest. At the corner here, you'll see a heap of skulls and what resemble grave covers - and a now natural tremendous dark stone. Play the Song of Eternity again, and the rock will tumble off the bluff, uncovering seed number eight.

Mokoko Seed Nine - Forgotten Grave

At last, go to the Forgotten Grave Triport. Follow the way west and adhere to one side (northern) edge. You'll before long come to some fighting Sylvains, remembering one for long white robes conveying a white staff.

You'll have to drink an Ether Essence here to have the option to get to a mysterious region. It's a complicated cooking thing you want to drink for your book - yet when you have, you can have it topped off moderately economically with Cook Ailara in Rohun. Whenever this is finished, you'll have all the mokoko seeds in Xeneela Ruins.

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