​Madden 22: Best Wide Receivers (WR) in Ultimate Team

Jan-22-2022 | Categories: Madden 22

Madden 22 is continually adding a few amazing cards to the MUT 22 market and having the best players are crucial to progress. One of the main hostile situations on the field is the Wide Receiver spot and we will go through the best wide recipients in Ultimate Team.

We should get everything rolling with the best Madden 22 wide recipients in Ultimate Team.

Madden 22: Best Wide Receivers (WR) in Ultimate Team

Assuming you've been playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team you've probably seen that the best groups have extraordinary wide recipients. Assuming you're hoping to add some to your group we have them. A portion of these wide beneficiaries will cost a lot at the Auction House, yet they're certainly worth the effort to your list. Particularly since they'll just improve.

There are a huge load of various players to look over and relying upon your Madden 22 hostile plan you should go with another choice. Nonetheless, these are the Madden 22 WRs that we consider to be the most incredible in MUT 22.

Odell Beckham Jr. - New York Giants - 97 OVR

The most noteworthy appraised card wide recipient card in MUT 22 is Odell Beckham Jr. from the Team of the Week set. His 95 SPD permits him to leave Madden 22 protective backs in the residue.

His CTH rating is a 94 OVR and he can get bounce balls too with his 95 JMP rating. Sadly, he's additionally the most costly WR in Madden 22 at 1.6M. The add up to buy him is a lot, yet on the off chance that you have the Coins, he's most certainly worth the effort. He's additionally ideally suited for a New York Giants Theme Team.

Joe Horn - New Orleans Saints - 96 OVR

Our subsequent pick is a legacy player from years past in the NFL. Joe Horn is the second-most elevated generally speaking wide beneficiary in Madden 22 and in the Team of the Week set too.

He's not the best choice for bounce balls because of his 91 JMP rating. Notwithstanding, he's an incredible choice as an opening recipient with his 94 SPD and 95 CTH.

At the Auction House, Joe Horn is going for 297K Coins, making him a unimaginable choice for a spending plan pick.

Davante Adams - Green Bay Packers - 96 OVR

Assuming you're contemplating making a Green Bay Packers Theme Team in Madden 22, the best card you could have is the 96 OVR Davante Adams from Ghosts of Madden.

Adams has a 95 SPD, 95 JMP, and a 96 CTH rating, making him probably the best beneficiary accessible in Madden 22.

He's very costly however, at 708K, so ensure that you have an adequate number of Coins to cover him and the remainder of your MUT 22 arrangement.

Jerry Rice - Oakland Raiders - 96 OVR

Jerry Rice is an extraordinary pick for a space wide recipient in Madden 22 and is effectively truly outstanding in MUT 22. He's likewise 6'2" making him incredible for a 1 on 1 circumstance.

His 95 SPD is extraordinary for intersection courses and furthermore has inconceivable hands. Sadly, his JMP rating isn't actually adequate with a portion of our different picks.

He's going for 535K at the Auction House in Madden 22, putting him simply under Davante Adams as far as evaluating.

Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions - 95 OVR

Calvin Johnson may be at a lower rating than the others, yet he's an incredible choice at the wide beneficiary position, particularly as an essential objective. His tallness makes him one of the most utilized MUT 22 cards accessible at this moment.

Calvin Johnson is 6'5" at 236 LBS yet has a 95 SPD rating and a 96 JMP rating. His speed increase is incredible also making him your essential objective.

His worth keeps on remaining generally high at the Madden 22 Auction House, but on the other hand he's the most affordable choice here at 246K Mut 22 Coins.