​Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol. 2 for Ultimate Team

Jan-07-2022 | Categories: Madden 22

The second volume of Madden 22 Campus Heroes is coming, bringing new powerful cards ever school greats. In the most recent delivery, Ultimate Team fans will have a lot of new choices going from Sam Bradford and Bruce Matthews to linebacker Brian Orakpo and beneficiary Percy Harvin. Here is the breakdown of what will be accessible in the MUT promotion for cards, missions, rewards, and sets.

Harvin, Orakpo lead Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol 2. in Ultimate Team

On Thursday, January 6, EA's Good Morning Madden stream on Twitch introduced Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol. 2 subtleties. This Ultimate Team promotion brings stars from school football who made a name in the NFL and then some. It incorporates two Campus Champion player cards at 96 OVR including wide collector Percy Harvin and Brian Orakpo.

Harvin was uncovered Thursday night on Twitter, while Orakpo was displayed on GMM. Orakpo's card highlights 96 Block Shedding, 95 Power Moves, 94 Acceleration, 93 Strength, 93 Tackling, and 92 Play Recognition, with 91 Speed.

Previous WR Harvin is the 2009 AP Rookie of the Year and started his NFL profession with Minnesota. He'd likewise play for Seattle, Buffalo, and the Jets, winning a Super Bowl en route. With the MUT promotion, Harvin's a Route Runner with 95 Speed, 95 Catch in Traffic, 95 Medium Route Run, 93 Catching, 92 Deep Route, and 90 Spectacular Catch.

Different things incorporate Rashad, Spikes, McFarland cards

Alongside the Campus Champions are marginally lower-evaluated player things. Focus Bruce Matthews will be among the 94 OVR appraised players for the advancement. His main group probability is Tennessee for subject groups. Sam Bradford is likewise a 94 OVR. He can play for the Eagles, Rams, Vikings, and Cardinals in topic groups.

Look at our full rundown of all players beneath after the tweet showing the different card workmanship.

HB Ahman Green (94 OVR) – Packers, Seahawks, Texans

TE Billy Joe Dupree (94 OVR) – Cowboys

HB Ahmad Rashad (94 OVR) – Cardinals, Bills, Vikings

DT Anthony McFarland (94 OVR) – Bucs, Colts

LOLB Brad Van Pelt (94 OVR) – Browns, Giants, Raiders

MLB Brandon Spikes (94 OVR) – Pats, Bills

SS Jack Tatum (94 OVR) – Raiders, Oilers/Titans

FS Laron Landry (94 OVR) – WFT, Jets, Colts

ROLB Brian Orakpro (96 OVR) – WFT, Titans

WR Percy Harvin (96 OVR) – Vikings, Seahawks, Jets, Bills

Volume 2 bring new difficulties and prizes

The player things above will be accessible arbitrarily in packs, or through the culmination of trade sets in Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Furthermore, there will be deals going on through the Auction House.

Alongside the player things, gamers can likewise finish new Missions or Challenges in Ultimate Team mode. These will be the Madden 22 Campus Heroes: Final Exams missions.

There are Offensive and Defensive missions to finish. An illustration of the principal Offensive mission is to score a hurrying TD on that drive, and for a reward, score it inside five drives. By finishing the arrangement of Offensive and Defensive Missions, gamers open "The Real Tests" to finish.

The missions bring rewards dependent on the quantity of stars procured and Tier levels came to. At Tier 1 (40 Stars) you'll acquire a 85 OVR Campus Heroes player card. At Tier 2 (90 Stars), gamers acquire a 94 OVR NCAT All-Conference Fantasy Pack. Level 3 (140 Stars) brings a couple of 85+ OVR Campus Heroes players.

Trade sets for Underclassman Fantasy Pack, Player Cards

There are different Exchange sets to finish for player things. There's an Underclassman Fantasy Pack highlighting a trade of two 80-82 OVR Players and a 83-84 OVR Player to open any 85 OVR Underclassman Campus Hero. Different sets require 30 of the 85 OVR player things to open Campus Heroes Tatum, Landry, Van Pelt, and others.

The prerequisites for the Campus Champions are three 94 OVR All-Conference Players. By trading those, gamers get a 96 OVR of Harvin or Orakpo, alongside their Power Up and three NCAT 94 OVR All-Conference Players.

Here is the rundown of trade sets:

Underclassman Fantasy Pack: trade two 80-82 OVR players, one 83-84 OVR Player.

94 OVR Campus Heroes: Exchange 30 of the 85+ OVR Player Items in the promotion.

Grounds Champions Harvin/Orakpo: Exchange three 94 OVR All-Conference Players.

The Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol. 2 promotion authoritatively shows up in Ultimate Team on Friday, January 7, 2022.

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