​Madden 23 presents a new program inspired by manned spaceflight

Apr-14-2023 | Categories: Madden 23 Tag: Madden 23 Coins, buy Madden 23 Coins, Madden 23 LTDs

For the first time in Madden Ultimate Team history, Madden 23 ltds quicksell coins introduces an all-new program inspired by human space travel: Welcome to Mission MUT.

Having already set the bar for Ultimate Team with its first Ring of Honor program last month, Madden 23 decided to take it even further with its Mission MUT program in April with a new space drop featuring the NFL's top star.

As this image from the Mission MUT program shows, buy Madden 23 ltds coins was likely inspired by news of NASA's mission to send four astronauts to the moon later this year. Seeing humanity's growing and impressive level of knowledge about space, Madden 23 saw fit to celebrate space exploration with a program that spotlights NFL players traversing new dimensions throughout their careers.

While Mission MUT was featured yesterday on Good Morning Madden, Madden 23 only released it today, April 13. With the launch in full swing, here are all the new players in the Madden 23 Mission MUT program and the key details you need to know. know.

Today's launch marks the first of two parts of the Mission MUT program. In addition to player drops, the Mission MUT program has its own Field Pass with 22 reward tiers. Packed with new Renegade temporary strategic items, Mission MUT Heroic Fantasy packs, Mission MUT Crew badge packs, Season 4 XP, and tons of MUT coins, the Mission MUT Field Pass is definitely worth checking out on mmoexp.

In addition to the Mission MUT Field Pass, fans will also have the opportunity to earn additional rewards by completing Project Missions. However, with these trials come twists and turns that will ultimately determine not only which space faction you choose, but also which trials you take on. For more information, visit the player section below.

Like the Ring of Honor program, the Mission MUT program has three captains representing three space factions, all with a crew of four. If you secure the captain and all four members of his team, the captain and his team will receive various rank promotions.

These captains and their crews are accompanied by several MUT mission heroes, champions, and excellent limited edition (LTD) in-game items. Madden 23 is really gearing up for the first release of its Mission MUT program, with a beautifully curated collection punctuated with top-notch items fans will want to own.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at all the new Mission MUT players that have arrived in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.