Madden 25 99 Club: Who is in this year?

May-24-2024 | Categories: Madden 25 Tag: Madden 25 Coins, Madden 25 Coins for sale

In Madden 25, the 99 Club is a prestigious group of players who have achieved the maximum Overall Rating (OVR) of 99. Let's take a closer look at who is likely to make it into the Madden 25 99 Club based on their performances and abilities.

Returning Champions

Patrick Mahomes (QB, Kansas City Chiefs) - A consistent top performer, Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With his exceptional passing skills and ability to make plays under pressure, he's almost certain to retain his 99 OVR rating.

Travis Kelce (TE, Kansas City Chiefs) - Mahomes' go-to target, Kelce is a dominant force in the receiving game. His versatility as a tight end makes him a valuable asset, likely securing his spot in the 99 Club again.

Tyreek Hill (WR, Miami) - Despite battling injuries, Hill showcased his explosive speed and playmaking ability in Madden 24. With his unmatched speed and acceleration, he's set to maintain his 99 OVR status, making him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Christian McCaffrey (RB, San Francisco 49ers) - As the Offensive Player of the Year, McCaffrey's exceptional rushing and receiving skills make him a dual-threat player. Expect him to retain his 99 OVR rating after an outstanding season.

New Contenders

Micah Parsons (LB, Dallas Cowboys) - Parsons' impact on the defensive side of the ball has been remarkable. His versatility and playmaking ability could see him join the 99 Club, especially after an impressive season.

Myles Garrett (DE, Cleveland Browns) - Reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Garrett is a dominant force on the edge. His disruptive presence and ability to pressure quarterbacks make him a strong candidate for the 99 OVR rating.

TJ Watt (LB, Pittsburgh Steelers) - Another defensive standout, Watt's consistent performance and playmaking skills put him in contention for the 99 Club. His ability to create turnovers and pressure offenses could earn him the coveted rating.

Potential Additions

Trent Williams (OL, San Francisco 49ers) - A veteran offensive lineman with Hall of Fame credentials, Williams' exceptional blocking skills could justify a 99 OVR rating, although it's a longshot given the focus on skill positions.

Zack Martin (OL, Dallas Cowboys) - Similar to Williams, Martin's excellence in blocking and protection makes him a worthy candidate for the 99 Club, though linemen often don't receive such high ratings.

Chris Jones (DT, Kansas City Chiefs) - Jones' disruptive presence on the defensive line makes him a standout player. While he may not start with a 99 OVR, his impact in-game could warrant an eventual inclusion in the 99 Club.

Madden 25 Release Date

Madden 25 is expected to follow the traditional release pattern, likely launching on August 16th. Players opting for the Deluxe Edition may gain early access on August 13th. Keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the Madden 25 release and the final Madden 25 99 Club lineup. 

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