Make the most of WWE 2K Battlegrounds with the new Ultimate Brawlers Pass

Apr-05-2021 | Categories: news

Gotten yourself enjoying WWE 2K Battlegrounds more than you might have envisioned? The Ultimate Brawlers Pass is here to light up your day. Accessible to buy, download and upgrade your generally WWE 2K Battlegrounds experience, the Ultimate Brawlers Pass for £11.99 (limited to £7.99 temporarily) will see you accessing more than 75 of the best WWE Superstars and Legends, in a split second, guaranteeing that you can keep on fighting unbounded for basically the remainder of forever.

While you'll require the base round of WWE 2K Battlegrounds close by to appreciate this most recent DLC, in case you're hoping to hop into the arcade styled WWE activity instead of the marginally drained reenactment courses that 2K have now ideally thumped on the head, the Ultimate Brawlers Pass is one to consider.

As referenced, those 75+ characters will turn into your quickly, with no compelling reason to open them by means of movement. Also, this will mean you can wind up laying the hurt with the like of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and then some. With the most recent couple of weeks having seen the WWE 2K Battlegrounds list grow enormously with the preferences of Mr Perfect and The British Bulldog, there is likely no greater chance to get included.

As the DLC portrayal specifies, this is totally crazy incentive for cash and in case you're an enthusiast of what WWE 2K Battlegrounds gives you ought to be discovered making a beeline for the Xbox Store immediately, snatching the new Ultimate Brawlers Pass and starting up the game to appreciate all that it brings. You'll additionally think that its moving around on different organizations.

Inform us as to whether you take the money hit on this one. Who will you toss into the activity first? DLC Description: Open more than 75 WWE Superstars and Legends INSTANTLY with the Ultimate Brawlers Pass–an INSANE VALUE! Hop directly into the arcade-style activity as Hulk Hogan, "Undeniable" Steve Austin, Ronda Rousey, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Ultimate Warrior, "Unruly" Roddy Piper and MANY, MANY MORE (base model clothing as it were). Just in WWE 2K Battlegrounds would you be able to fight it out with your number one WWE Superstars and Legends in freakish conditions utilizing a stockpile of over-the-top moves, in your face catalysts and unique capacities. Get your Ultimate Brawlers Pass today for WWE 2K Battlegrounds and BRAWL WITHOUT LIMITS!

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