Mastering Last Epoch: Endgame Affix Tier List 1.0

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In Last Epoch, affixes play a crucial role in tailoring your character's gear to suit your desired playstyle and build. Whether you're focusing on offense, defense, or a balance of both, understanding the value of different affixes is essential for maximizing your effectiveness in endgame content. This guide presents a comprehensive tier list of affixes in Last Epoch version 1.0, helping you prioritize your crafting and gear acquisition decisions.

S Tier Affixes


Tier 7 Armor + Reduce Crit Damage: Offers substantial survivability, especially against critical hits, making it invaluable for high-corruption builds.


Tier 5 Dagger DMG or Health % (Offensive Vs Defensive): Provides flexibility based on your build's needs, allowing you to prioritize offense or defense accordingly.


Tier 5 Vit: Enhances overall survivability by increasing health and vitality stats, crucial for sustaining in tough encounters.


Tier 7 Missing HP Warding Sec: Increases tankiness by granting warding based on missing health, effectively bolstering survivability in critical moments.

Tier 5 Throwing Attack Speed vs Hybrid Health: Offers a choice between offense and defense, allowing customization based on your preferred playstyle.


Tier 7 Movement Speed: Enhances mobility, which is essential for maneuvering in combat and exploring the game world efficiently.

Tier 5 Hybrid Health: Provides a balance of offense and defense, ensuring resilience without sacrificing too much damage potential.

A Tier Affixes


Tier 7 Increase Health %: Increases overall survivability by boosting health stats, providing a solid foundation for enduring tough encounters.

Tier 5 Dagger Crit Chance or Cold Res (Offensive vs Defensive): Offers versatility, allowing you to choose between offense or defense based on your build requirements.


Tier 5 Vit: Continues to bolster survivability by increasing health and vitality, essential for withstanding heavy damage.


Tier 7 Critical Multiplier: Amplifies damage output significantly, especially when paired with high critical chance, making it a top priority for offensive builds.

Tier 5 Lightning Melee DMG or T5 Lightning % DMG: Provides additional damage bonuses, with the choice between flat damage increase or percentage boost depending on your build.


Tier 7 Lightning Penetration: Enhances damage potential by ignoring enemy lightning resistance, particularly valuable for lightning-focused builds.

Tier 5 Crit Multi or Cold Res: Offers flexibility between offense and defense, allowing you to customize your build based on your needs.


Tier 7 Lightning DMG: Boosts damage output significantly, especially for lightning-based builds.

Tier 5 Experimental Mana Gain When Using Pot vs T5 Health %: Provides a choice between offense and defense, catering to different playstyles.

Ring (Siphon & Oceareon):

Tier 7 Lightning Damage: Augments damage output for lightning-centric builds, ensuring consistent and potent attacks.

Tier 5 Throwing Attack Speed vs T5 Mana Reg vs T5 Cold Res: Offers versatility, allowing customization based on your build's requirements.


Tier 7 Crit Multiplier: Enhances critical damage, making it a valuable affix for boosting overall damage output.

Tier 5 Lightning DMG % vs T5 Cold Res: Provides additional damage or defensive bonuses, catering to different build needs.

B Tier Affixes


Tier 3-5 Chance to Shred Armor on Hit: Provides utility by reducing enemy armor, enhancing overall damage output for your character and allies.

Ring (Siphon & Oceareon):

Tier 5 Any Other Res for 75%: Helps in reaching the optimal resistance threshold, crucial for surviving endgame content.

C Tier Affixes


Tier 5 Crit Multi or Cold Res: Offers moderate bonuses, but may not be as impactful compared to higher-tier affixes.


Tier 5 Any Res for 75%: Provides additional resistance bonuses, but may not be as essential as other affixes for optimal build performance.

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