​NBA 2K22 Reveals Zero Gravity Season 6 Agenda

Apr-14-2022 | Categories: nba 2k22

New Zero Gravity Season 6 data is accessible, incorporating what's in store with the Agenda and the prizes that carry out every day for north of five weeks.

With Season 6: Zero Gravity moving on, NBA 2K22 is ensuring its player base has a lot of content to play for. The new season started off with three new Dark Matter cards, and more data is coming out that keeps on keeping the MyTeam mode as well known as could be expected.

Throughout the following five weeks, players can step up their movement for a sum of 25 players, beginning with some gold-level units and finishing with a Dark Matter card. Alongside another series pack and storage code, NBA 2K22 is holding nothing back for Season 6 to take off and be greater than its ancestor.

In MyTeam, players can perform assignments as a feature of the Agenda series to get rewards in view of execution. Season 6: Zero Gravity Agenda starts with a 75-in general Giannis Antetokounmpo, which players can get by basically dominating a match. Over the course of the following five weeks, players are expected to utilize the card they get from the earlier day to get the following day's award. Vit Krejci of the Oklahoma City Thunder is the day two prize, reachable through utilizing the day 1 Antetokounmpo card in a test, and is appraised as a 76-generally.

Adding to the profundity of Season 6's substance, NBA 2K22 additionally delivered another series pack named Takeoff, following the fruitful run of the Metamorphosis pack, and highlights a few esteemed units that players won't have any desire to pass up. Accessible for multi-week just and restricting players to five packs, each pack contains a surefire Takeoff-themed card that will give any player's MyTeam an extraordinary lift. Available to all is Dark Matter Glen Rice (99-generally), Galaxy Opal Victor Oladipo (98-by and large), Pink Diamond Jalen Suggs (96-in general), and Diamond Joel Embiid (94-by and large). Another Event Exchange will likewise be accessible as of the following week, and players can pursue getting a HOF Limitless Spot-Up Badge.

NBA 2K22 has another storage code for players to gather a few free things, as it ordinarily does with any series pack discharge. Utilizing the code MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY-E9WIY will give each player a free Zero Gravity pack or a Diamond Shoe help. Storage codes in NBA 2K22 are generally a pleasant reward to provide for players, permitting them to open a free pack in order to get NBA 2K22 MT and one of the freshest cards accessible in the game. Players can likewise pick to go with the Diamond Shoe Boost, however, most of the player base lean towards taking a risk on the gacha-like framework and pulling somebody that can quickly affect their group. For Season 6: Zero Gravity, it doesn't damage to add profundity to a player's list as new provokes keep on coming in.