​NBA 2K22: The 8 Best Cards In MyTeam

Oct-04-2021 | Categories: nba 2k22

Desite its issues, MyTeam is a good time for building dream groups. Here are the best MyTeam cards in NBA 2K22.

Over the most recent couple of years, NBA 2K22 and the NBA 2K establishment by and large, have transformed from a darling games recreation establishment to one that fans are exceptionally disparaging of. A great deal of that criticism comes from the emphasis on microtransactions, with the card-building mode called MyTeam playing a factor in this methodology.

MyTeam has a lot of issues, yet the mode is a good time for those hoping to assemble a fantasy program of players at various times. It's great to realize what cards sit at the top as far as most noteworthy generally speaking and adequacy, taking into account that the rundown changes each time another arrangement of high by and large player cards are added by means of update.


Dwight Howard, C (95)

In the course of the last decade, the NBA 2K titles have had a lot of years where Dwight Howard was a high generally speaking and probably the best player in the game. His experience with the Orlando Magic is long behind him, however Howard is as yet attempting to add to title type groups in 2021.

Nowadays NBA casuals believe Howard to be a job player yet fail to remember that he was the most prevailing focus in the association for a long time. Fortunately he has a 95 by and large card in MyTeam that mirrors his strength, back when he was wearing the blue and dark.


Jason Richardson, SG (95)

Computer games toward the day's end should be a wellspring of diversion, and not many players were just about as engaging as Jason Richardson. He was a NBA high-flier who could dunk it in manners just seen by vintage Vince Carter in Toronto as an individual from the Raptors.

Richardson was a critical piece to the "We Believe" Golden State Warriors, a group that overachieved, before the times of Steph Curry. More current NBA fans need to take his 95 generally cards for a twist and see why Richardson was such a fan top choice.


Kawhi Leonard, SF (95)

Kawhi Leonard is at present rehabbing a genuine physical issue he endured during the 2021 NBA Playoffs, so it's probably fans will not be seeing him back on the court for the Los Angeles Clippers until the beginning of the 2022-2023 NBA season.

That being said, they can in any case utilize him and every one of his gifts in NBA 2K22, and in case MyTeam is their favored mode, he at present has a 95 in general free specialist card, fit for scoring and shielding at a level just seen by other tip top NBA hotshots.


Steph Curry, PG (95)

There will come a point in the NBA where Stephen Curry is as of now not the most great scorer on the court, however in light of his new exhibitions it doesn't seem like that time is anyplace close to occurring.

Curry seems as though he actually has the magic to win another scoring title, and gave he gets some assistance, could make another NBA title run. It shouldn't come as a shock that his 95 by and large MyTeam card is a mobile can, simply don't anticipate that it should safeguard or bounce back.


Giannis Antetokounmpo, PF (95)

The ruling NBA Finals MVP and champion, Giannis Antetokounmpo, sits at the highest point of the association as the best two-way player as of now stepping on the court.

Hardly any players fill in as both the hostile and guarded anchors for their particular groups, and surprisingly less win a ring doing it. It's impossible his 95 generally card in MyTeam is his last with a rating in the high 90s, so search for clients to search out future cards including the Greek Freak.


LeBron James, SF (95)

LeBron James, in spite of being just about 20 years into his NBA profession, actually has a case as the best current b-ball player in the world. Because of his prevalence, he's troublesome as a competitor, with a huge number of individuals adoring him and bounty likewise scorning him.

In spite of leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for South Beach, James got back to Cleveland and achieved his objective of bringing the city a title. It very well might be a free specialist card, however his 95 generally speaking card in MyTeam has every one of the fancy odds and ends of prime James, and it's radiant.


John Wall, PG (96)

It feels like John Wall's greatest days are behind him and the wounds have consigned the once world class guide monitor toward the space of a periphery starter. His 96 evaluated card in NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode grandstands the kind of tip top playmaker he was before the wounds stacked up.

It's a free specialist card, yet he's actually seen shaking the exemplary Washington Wizards uniform, since the card is an impression of his 2019 self, perhaps at the stature of what John Wall might have been as a star NBA player.


Carmelo Anthony, SF (96)

Carmelo Anthony as of now rules as the most elevated evaluated MyTeam card in NBA 2K22. The card is a tribute to his 2013 season as an individual from the New York Knicks, during the excellent long stretches of his vocation. It tends to be flexed from the little forward to the force forward spot, and this 96 generally speaking card can score from each of the 3 levels on the court.

Its one shortcoming is protection, which is a space of the game Carmelo Anthony has consistently battled with giving, yet his tip top scoring ability consistently compensated for it.

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