New World Medium Bruiser Guide: Best Gear, Runes, and Combos

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Welcome back to the exciting New World guide. Today, our focus is on the Medium Bruiser for Wars, covering everything from best-in-slot named items and runic perks to consumables, skill trees, and essential combos. Whether you're interested in Wars, open-world PvP, or Outpost Rush (OPR), this guide has got you covered.

Let's start by discussing the best-in-slot named items. The cornerstone of this build is the artifact known as Tumblr Fit Wraps. Widely considered the best in slot for medium bruisers, it offers versatility in customization. However, if you lack this artifact, the Freedom artifact, particularly as heavy pants, serves as a solid alternative. The key is to maintain the four Freedom pieces.

Moving on to named items, the Wrath of Decimus is a powerful Greataxe that stands out for its refreshing moves, taunting strikes, and inflicting maelstrom. The Ank is another crucial piece, where the consensus leans toward stamina recovery rather than slash protection. The Privateer's Harem ring from Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition, paired with purifying heart, proves to be a top-tier choice for bruisers.

Frigid Dawn pieces, specifically heavy legs or body, complete the named item lineup. The frigid set's unique perk combination of Elemental Ward and Enchanted Ward makes it a coveted addition, offering benefits that can't be crafted or obtained elsewhere.

Next, let's delve into the best runic perks for the Medium Bruiser. The primary focus is on Freedom, Health, and either Enchanted Ward or Elemental Ward, depending on your gear setup. Frigid Dawn pieces, especially the Heavy Legs, play a crucial role, and the choice of a Gravity Well perk is determined by your overall gear composition.

Skill tree distribution is vital for maximizing your bruiser's potential. For the Greataxe, essential passives include Charge, Death's Embrace, Critical Gains, and K Edge. Frustration is a viable option if combined with Empowering Breaker, providing bonus damage when attacking blocked opponents. The Warhammer skill tree offers a plethora of options, with personal preferences influencing choices. The importance of opening act, shock, prevailing spirit, consecutive impact, and Maelstrom's Resolve cannot be overstated.

Understanding combat mechanics, such as the difference between full and half-heavy attacks, is crucial. Mastering pre-stacking Maelstrom Fury enhances damage output significantly. In the heat of battle, efficient combo execution involves utilizing Detonate, Shock Wave, Cleansing Potions, and timely dodges for survival. The guide emphasizes the importance of cleansing potions, Infused Arcane Absorption potions, and regenerating serums.

For stat distribution, a balance of 350 Constitution and 250 Strength is recommended. Magnify points are adjusted accordingly to maintain optimal performance.

To amplify your damage output, using Onyx with a tick on the Warhammer and Opal on the Greataxe is recommended. 

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge needed to build a formidable Medium Bruiser for Wars in New World. From named items and runic perks to skill trees, combat combos, and consumables, this guide offers a holistic approach to optimizing your bruiser build. May your adventures in Aeternum be victorious, and remember to share the knowledge with your fellow company members. 

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