​Old School RuneScape continues to go from strength to strength

Apr-08-2023 | Categories: runescape Tag: buy runescape gold, runescape gold, osrs gold

A hilarious video online has shown off clips of Gordon Ramsay if he were to be placed in Old School RuneScape's Lumbridge Castle. Long-time players of Old School RuneScape will recognize Lumbridge Castle as the starting location of the game after the tutorial.

There's something about the nostalgia of RuneScape Gold that entices gamers to dedicate huge amounts of time to the game. While this video took a decent amount of time to create, it's nothing compared to the eight years and 19,000 hours one Old School RuneScape player spent on maxing four Ironman accounts. Over the years, Old School RuneScape has gained a reputation as one of the grittiest video games of all time, even for an MMO, so it's no surprise that gamers are putting plenty of time into it in a variety of ways.

The hilarious video was posted to Reddit by user Tpoyo, showcasing Gordon Ramsay going off on one of his profanity-laden rants about the state of Lumbridge Castle's kitchen. It's incredibly well done and uses the game's mechanics to make it seem as though Ramsay is actually in the world of Gielinor. The juxtaposition of Ramsay's loud outbursts against the silent characters in Old School RuneScape works really well to create a comedic effect.

According to Tpoyo, the video took around 30 hours of work as they manually masked out Ramsay frame-by-frame. Users were quick to reassure them that it was well worth the effort, some even making RuneScape and Ramsay crossover jokes. One player joked that it was a "recipe for disaster," referencing one of Old School RuneScape's most iconic quests. Others gave ideas for future Gordon Ramsay and OSRS Gold crossover videos, with Redditor DoSjKe saying, "Wait until he sees the rats." Tpoyo actually responded to this, stating that they had a clip for this but cut it as it made the video too long. However, they're considering making a sequel once they've recovered from the effort required to mask Gordon Ramsay.

As for the game itself, Old School RuneScape continues to go from strength to strength. In rsgoldfast, you can also learn more interesting content. Due to a player vote late last year, Old School RuneScape will even be receiving its first new skill in 2023, so players of the game have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Developer Jagex has maintained a player-first approach to the game, with players voting on every update prior to its implementation. Overall, the strategy has worked wonders in terms of keeping the majority of the community happy. The majority of the time, the game even has more players than RuneScape 3.