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Dec-22-2021 | Categories: runescape Tag: osrs gold

RuneScape is still that famous, with more than 100,000 players online at the same time. In the last 20 years, more than 295 million records have been produced. So RuneScape is worth playing in 2022. If you want to play RuneScape and buy Old School RuneScape gold now, we’ve got you covered at RSOrder.

Buying gold isn’t that complicated. Simply head to our website and then select the game you’d like to buy gold for. RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape (also commonly referred to as ‘RuneScape 2007’) are two distinct games where the gold is kept separately.

After selecting the game you’d like to purchase gold for, click on the ‘Gold page’. A calculator will appear where you can input the amount of gold you’d like to buy. If you type in 10, note that whether you’re buying gold for OSRS/RS3, that means you’re purchasing 10 million gold, as 1 representing 1 million is the increment that everybody deals in.

The price displayed will be within your local currency, although if it’s incorrect for any reason, simply look at the top-right corner of the RSOrder website. You can select to change the currency to anything by clicking on the drop-down box next to the country flag.

After you’re happy with the amount you’d like to buy, the price displayed will be the locked-in price for the gold you’re looking to buy - it will not change throughout the process. Click on ‘Buy now’, and then input your payment details for whatever method you’d like. You can use PayPal, or your credit card, or whatever you’d prefer. Just ensure to note that some payment methods may charge a small fee for each transaction, which can be mitigated by not frequently splitting up your purchases or simply using a payment method with lower fees.

Ensure that you fill out your in-game name correctly to save time later on from the checkout page. That’s the name that the Live Chat agents will be looking to trade with, not any random account. After your order is complete and the payment is verified, you can enter our Live Chat and you’ll be able to trade with us through a meeting in-game, and we will provide you with your cheap runescape gold.