P2Pah D2R: ​Endgame poison necro equipment

What endgame poison necro equipment need to I purpose for first?

After a gaggle of cows, trav runs, and a few buying and selling I even have ber, lo, and 1/2 of a dozen ist that I'm making plans on the use of to enhance my poison necro's equipment on SCL. I'm seeking out a few critiques on what will be the very best effect. The foremost alternatives I've been thinking about to date are:

- Trying to enhance my DWeb through getting 47+ poison res and a 5/5 side, which looks like the largest development from a unmarried piece of equipment at a relatively low cost of D2R Items. Should be ber for the wand and 1-2 ist for the side, then can get ohm or so returned for my modern DWeb.

- Getting merc infinity for CB and higher corpse explosions. Basically simply keep directly to the entirety till I can exchange as much as a 2d ber.

- Trying for first-class 2 necro talent or three PnB circlet that I can slap a side or in. Cost varies wildly relying on the precise choice, mainly if I pass for a 2 socket 3/20. This is likewise an awful lot extra depending on what is available in the marketplace than the opposite alternatives.

I'm properly geared however sincerely now no longer BIS: Shako, Enigma, 2/40 DWeb, 35 FCR Spirit, Trang gloves, Arach, Aldur's, SoJ, uncommon ring with a few beneficial stats, 1 talent uncommon ammy with a few different beneficial stats, 4/3 CtA and Spirit on switch, torch/anni/sunder, 1 PnB GC, and an stock complete of res charms. No aspects proper now due to the fact I did not need to burn the sources to place them in equipment I changed into making plans on changing.

3-piece Trang's is an choice. It's what I changed into the use of (gloves/armor/protect) earlier than making enigma and it feels awesome for harm however painful for FCR. Giving up spirit emainly appears like I'm going to get myself killed even as TPing at the everyday way to dropping the FCR/FHR.

Merc has perception in an eth thresher, treachery, and Tal's helm. I additionally have an eth upped Hone Sundan (2x Shael, Amn) as an trade merc weapon for the crushing blow if I experience like going after bosses, get D2R Ladder Items rewards. Iron golem is presently an eth.

Minotaur and possibly receives remade as perception if I switch the merc weapon.

It's smooth sufficient to determine out numerical effect from these kinds of alternatives with a man or woman builder, so I'm curious approximately what equipment picks have felt like the largest effect for different human beings.