Path of Exile 2 New Class: Mercenary Guide

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Path of Exile 2 is set to introduce the Mercenary, one of six new classes arriving alongside the original six. This expansion promises to enhance build diversity and character customization, providing fresh gameplay experiences.

The Mercenary class brings innovative features to the Path of Exile series, with more details to be revealed soon. In this guide, we’ll cover everything known about the Mercenary class and its mechanics. Let’s dive in.

Mercenary Class Overview

The Mercenary is a Strength/Dexterity (STR/DEX) class, starting in the same area as the Duelist on the passive skill tree. This position grants easy access to both Strength and Dexterity nodes, allowing for versatile builds.

Signature Weapon: Crossbow

The Mercenary's hallmark is the Crossbow, a new weapon type in Path of Exile 2. Crossbows introduce unique mechanics like Ammo and Attachments, distinguishing them from traditional bows.

Unlike bows that require drawing back, Crossbows fire instantly. This rapid action aligns with the introduction of a new movement system: WASD movement.

WASD Movement

Path of Exile 2 allows players to move their characters using the WASD keys instead of mouse clicks. This system lets players aim and shoot in different directions while moving, enhancing combat fluidity.

All characters can use WASD movement, not just Mercenaries. This may feel unusual for melee characters but offers a fresh gameplay dynamic.


Crossbows in Path of Exile 2 function similarly to firearms. Each Crossbow provides a specific firing skill:

Rapid Shot: Resembles an assault rifle with fast firing.

Power Shot: Mimics a sniper rifle with slower, powerful shots.

Burst Shot: Similar to a shotgun with medium speed and spread.

Players can equip two Crossbows, enabling them to switch seamlessly between firing skills during combat. This allows for versatile combat strategies, such as using Burst Shot to clear enemy packs and Power Shot for strong single targets.

Ammo Skills

Crossbow Skills are complemented by different Ammo types, each providing unique buffs. Players can toggle between Ammo Skills to adapt to various combat scenarios. Some examples include:

Armor Piercing Ammo: Pierces enemies, effective against groups.

Incendiary Ammo: Ignites enemies, creating explosive interactions.

Permafrost Ammo: Chills and freezes enemies, controlling the battlefield.

Combining Crossbow Skills and Ammo types allows for diverse strategies. For instance, using an Incendiary Burst Shot to clear mobs or a Permafrost Power Shot to slow a powerful foe.


Attachments are new Skill Gems exclusive to Crossbows, slotting into the offhand slot like Quivers for Bow characters. While Attachments don’t provide stats, they offer extra Skill slots, beneficial for Mercenaries who utilize various Firing and Ammo Skills.

Attachments can be enhanced with Support Gems, further empowering these skills.

Putting it Together

Mercenaries will have a vast arsenal of Crossbow Skills, Ammo types, and Attachments. Some skills even interact uniquely. For example:

Incendiary Rapid Shot: Has a larger clip size, increasing grenade damage.

Grenades: Attachments that take time to explode but can be detonated instantly with an Incendiary Power Shot.

This combination allows for powerful attacks: heating up the Crossbow with an Incendiary Rapid Shot, deploying grenades, and detonating them with an Incendiary Power Shot for massive damage.


Though details on Mercenary Ascendancy Classes are scarce, there will be three options. Given the STR/DEX nature, one might focus on defense, another on offense, and a third on speed and ranged damage. More information will be added as it becomes available.


This guide covers everything currently known about the Mercenary class in Path of Exile 2. The Mercenary introduces a novel gameplay style, reminiscent of traditional third-person shooters, likely appealing to many players. Stay tuned for updates as more details emerge about this exciting new class.

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